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4 Smart money moves you should make in 2021

The year 2020 was tough on everyone. Along with the health scare, it created a massive financial strain with businesses being shut and jobs being axed. If there is one thing that the pandemic taught us, it is the importance of being smart about money. Taking those learnings into 2021, this article throws light on how you can take charge of your finances and be prepared for everything that life throws at you. Let’s take a look at crucial financial best practices you should follow.

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Fixed deposit, savings account, or liquid funds? How to be f…

For those wondering where to save their money during a global crisis, here are some important pros and cons of savings accounts, fixed deposits, and liquid funds.

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Cyber insurance: Features, benefits and premium

What is cyber insurance and what it protects you from? Here are some of its benefits, costs and features you must know.

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Not again! How to deal with financial mis-selling

Financial mis-selling is rampant. If you have fallen victim to it, don’t panic and try to exit as soon as possible.

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World Tuberculosis Day:What's the financial burden that…

India's fight against the scourge of TB is a mixed bag. While India has pledged to eradicate the disease by 2025, and has brought 63 lakh TB patients under a WHO-recommended treatment, the cost of treatment offers a major challenge. Here's how India's battle against TB is shaping up

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Need money instantly? These loans can help

A short-term loan can help tackle a sudden financial emergency. But how easy is it to get one? Here are 5 types of quick short-term loans that you can consider in a pinch.

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What does freedom mean to people of different ages?

Learn what financial freedom may mean to different people across different age groups.

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A 9-Point Guide to achieving long-term financial goals

A simple flow of activities designed to help you achieve the long-term financial goals in your life, through thorough initial planning, regular monitoring and review.

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6 Financial lessons to learn from Indian dads

He held your hands when you took your first steps; as you start adulting, who better to teach you how to manage your money effectively than your dad

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How to keep your family informed about your financial detail…

Did you know that nearly 43% of women in India have no idea about their husband’s financial, insurance, and personal details?

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