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RBI okays 24x7 RTGS and raises contactless transaction limit…

Two important measures coming out of the RBI’s Monetary Policy Committee will ease retail as well as institutional payments.

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Banks to charge a fee for cash deposits and withdrawals from…

Several banks will levy a convenience fee for cash deposits at ATM machines and withdrawals that exceed a prescribed limit.

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Large cash withdrawals from banks, post offices will attract…

The IT Department has authorised banks and post offices to deduct TDS on large cash withdrawals from customers who have not filed their ITR

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What do to do if you find yourself with fake cash

What if you end up with a fake currency note either from an ATM or during a cash transaction? Well we tell you how you can handle the situation.

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Go the plastic way!

Confused about becoming a part of a paperless economy? Here's all that you need to know.

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