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Best Rates For Bank Fixed Deposits To Invest In 2021

In India, bank fixed deposits are widely considered to be simple, stable, and safe. This article aims to demystify the bank deposit as an investment product and list some banks that pay the highest interest rates on fixed deposits.

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Government cuts tax benefit limits on EPF interest income

The new income tax rule imposes a tax on interest earned from EPF, but without affecting the tax liability of the common working people.

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Section 80EEA: All you need to know about deduction for inte…

Maximise your tax benefits on home loan interest payments up to to Rs 3.5 lakh a year by ensuring eligibility for Section 80EEA.

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How debt funds can beat inflation and interest rate risks?

Rising inflation and interest rate changes can affect debt fund yield but there are ways to manage this effectively.

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How to earn more interest from your bank savings account?

Here’s how you can earn more interest on the money in your bank savings account.

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Small Savings Schemes Interest Rates for FY 2020–21

The government operates 10 different small savings schemes. The returns or rate of interest for each scheme is reviewed on a quarterly basis.

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How compounding helps early starters save more

Learn all about compounding - the beginners' edition

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