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How do I claim money from small saving schemes?

If an investor with a small savings scheme such as PPF, NSC, or post office monthly income scheme (MIS) passes away prematurely, their family member/nominee can withdraw the investment.

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4 Sensitive financial discussions you need to have with your…

Here are some sensitive yet important financial issues you need to discuss with your family as early as possible.

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Small Savings Schemes Interest Rates for FY 2020–21

The government operates 10 different small savings schemes. The returns or rate of interest for each scheme is reviewed on a quarterly basis.

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5 Tips to reduce the burden of an education loan

Learn some tips to reduce the burden of an education loan during COVID-19.

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Upcoming IPOs in the last quarter of 2020

Which companies are gearing up for IPOs in the days to come and what are they offering?

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Here’s how you can restructure your loan amid the pandemic

You can now renegotiate the terms of your personal loan, home loan, car loan, etc. Learn what it involves and how to go about it.

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5 Myths about the current real estate market

The pandemic may have dramatically changed life as we know it but it hasn’t turned the real-estate market upside down.

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5 Best practices to minimise financial risk during the pande…

Things seem unpredictable right now, but here’s how you can take charge of your financial planning to minimise any adverse impact to your long-term goals.

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Lost or misplaced your PAN card? Here’s how you can get a r…

You can easily get your PAN card reprinted online by going to the website of the Income Tax Department.

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5 Reasons why millennials are staying away from term insuran…

Despite the financial power millennials have, only 17% of them have bought a term insurance plan.

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