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Google Pay personal loans- Application process

Users using Google Pay who are eligible for loans will be provided a substantial sum with a reasonable annual interest rate. To be qualified for any type of bank loan, you must meet certain requirements. The loan will be paid back using the bank account linked to your Google Pay account.

5 Buy-now-pay-later apps that make shopping easy and help you build credit

Why wait for payday when you can count on these buy-now-pay-later apps?

4 things to know about home loan Sanction letter and disbursal amount before applying for one

A home loan sanction letter is an official document issued by the bank for its borrowers.

What you should know if your developer defaults on bank loan repayment?

Banks can repossess the flat you booked over builder’s default, but there are regulations that cover your back

Loan against property: What are the advantages and disadvantages?

In the case of financial emergencies, many people usually resort to an expensive personal loan. However, your property can get you a bigger loan at a lower interest rate than a personal loan. This article explores the pros and cons of a LAP.

Home Loan Interest Rate: The Public Vs Private Sector Bank Comparison

Interest is a major cost while borrowing a home loan. Both public and private sector banks offer home loans. But which of them offers better interest rates? Find out.

Factors to consider before withdrawing your EPF savings for a home loan down payment

A home loan is your immediate need, while your PF balance is your retirement need. How to decide whether you should divert a part of your retirement benefits towards your current need of buying a house?