4 Things you didn’t know about your two-wheeler insurance

Bikes and scooters are one of the most popular modes of transport in India and there’s definitely more to buying a two-wheeler than evaluating its design and mileage.

4 Things you didn’t know about your two-wheeler insurance

“Summary - Bikes and scooters are one of the most popular modes of transport in India and there’s definitely more to buying a two-wheeler than evaluating its design and mileage. “

While buying a two wheeler, Shravan paid a lot of attention to the accessories he purchased and what safety features it had. However, when it came to two-wheeler insurance, he was a bit negligent and opted for the first deal that was offered to him. If you feel that financial security is important, you should be different from Shravan and opt for an two-wheeler insurance plan which actually addresses your needs. This will ensure that you won’t end up spending large amounts on maintenance and repairs in the future.

As you may already know, Indian roads are not exactly safe and every year there are road-related deaths and accidents that prove costly to your life and to your two-wheeler. In 2014 alone there were over 4 lakh road accidents. Two-wheelers comprised about 27% of these accidents.

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Having two-wheeler insurance saves you from the financial impact of accidents or damages. There are several insurance companies in the market today that provide coverage for your two-wheeler.

What you may already know is that two-wheeler insurance covers damage to your vehicle due to natural and man-made calamities such as earthquakes, theft, fire etc.

However, here are five things you probably didn’t know your two-wheeler insurance could cover:

1. You can purchase add-on covers for your two-wheeler insurance

Did you know that your two-wheeler insurance policy allows you to purchase add-on covers called Riders?

For example, a Zero Depreciation Cover offers you protection against depreciation. It includes coverage on all plastic, nylon, fiber or rubber parts of your two-wheeler and saves you from incurring the costs on these parts without getting sufficient support from your insurer, who only pays for the depreciated cost.

Another type of add-on cover you can purchase is one to protect your engine. If you live in an area that is prone to water logging, the engine of your two-wheeler could get damaged. Insurers also provide a roadside assistance add-on cover, under which they provide round-the-clock services such as towing, mechanic repair services, etc.

2. You can avoid paying for towing with two-wheeler insurance

Two-wheeler insurance companies also pay for towing charges when you have to tow your bike or scooter from an accident site to a repair workshop, offering a maximum limit of about Rs. 300. It’s best to check two-wheeler insurance details with your insurance company as to what the limit is.

3.  You can get a two-wheeler insurance policy that lasts longer than a year

Did you know that insurance companies are now offering long-term two-wheeler insurance that covers your bike or scooter for three years?

This means you don’t have to worry about losing coverage or renewing your policy every year. Additional benefits of opting for a long-term insurance plan are that you get discounts on premiums, and you avoid problems arising from non-renewal of your insurance policy, such as policy lapse. Moreover, when you buy a long-term plan, you save yourself from the annual hike in third party premium rates, which are decided by the insurance regulator.

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4. There are optional personal accident covers for pillion riders

Some two-wheeler insurance companies offer policy holders the option of purchasing a personal accident cover for the pillion rider as well.

Two-wheeler insurance is essential for protecting not just your vehicle, but your life and that of your loved ones as well. That is why you should consider various factors when buying a policy.

Isn’t there a way to reduce insurance premium?

Yes, there are various things you can do to reduce your insurance premium. The first thing is safe driving, followed by installation of various safety features. Here are the Key factors that determine motor insurance premium in India, which you could use to your benefit. Additionally, here’s how Modern auto technology could impact car insurance premium.

Closing thoughts

When you can afford to spend so much time researching the ideal bike that you should buy, you can definitely take time to evaluate and compare two-wheeler insurance policies. Don’t miss out on add-on covers and other benefits two-wheeler insurance provide.


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