Car registration number portability is becoming a reality

New Uttar Pradesh transport department scheme will allow portability of old registration number and retain it after a change of vehicle.

Car registration number portability is becoming a reality

It will be now possible for you to retain your old car registration number even after buying a new car. You will be able to port your old registration number plate like your mobile network service provider and retain it. Like the transport departments of Delhi, Chandigarh and Maharashtra earlier, Uttar Pradesh transport department has now approved vehicle registration portability scheme.

A Hindustan Times report has claimed that a mechanism, similar to the one in practice in the telecom sector, will be put in place. Notably, telecom subscribers can port their mobile number from one telecom service provider to another and still retain their earlier number. Once this system is replicated in the transport sector, you will be able to register your new vehicle against the old number, while your old car can be given a new number when sold, unless the vehicle is scrapped. This option will be available for all categories of cars and two-wheelers and can be opted for even when you change your vehicle category. However, considering the fact that a portion of the registration number signifies the category of the vehicle, it remains to be seen whether the entire number will be retained or a portion of it only.

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The specifics of this regulation is not yet declared, however, it is said that the scheme will be available only to private and non-transport vehicles. The cost of this portability is also not declared officially, but expected to be around Rs. 25,000 for two-wheelers and Rs. 50,000 for cars and for change in category. 

This scheme is not likely to have any precondition of ownership of the vehicle for a specified time, scrapping of the vehicle, the number of times one can port the registration number and so on. This scheme is based on the old scheme launched by the previous government but is expected to be more flexible and practical in terms of implementation.

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How is registration number transferred on sale of a vehicle?

Presently, in case of transfer of ownership of the vehicle, the registration also gets transferred. Form 29 has to be filled and submitted to the registering authority in the transferee and transferor’s area of residence. Depending on whether the state is interstate or within the state, the form and supporting documents need to be submitted within 45 or 14 days respectively. The transferee is required to pay a charge levied for the transfer.

What do the letters in the registration plate signify?

The first two letters in the registration number signify the state or region while the next two numbers refer to the district. The numbers in the end, generally 4 digits are unique numbers allotted to your vehicle.

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How can road tax be affected by portability?

If interstate portability of registration plate is introduced, the government could introduce a flat road tax applicable across the country. Presumably, it can be done with the agreement of the states, some of who price it competitively to attract more registrations in their states. Are you aware of these 6 Motor Insurance terms? 


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