How to file a motor insurance claim during the pandemic?

Filing motor insurance claim during coronavirus? Here are a few things that can help you do it better

How to file a motor insurance claim during the pandemic?

Caution, citizens! If, during the lockdown, you take your car out from the garage, please make sure that you have some mandatory additional documents along with the usual set.

Additional document 1: ‘Online e-pass’

All commercial cars would need an online e-pass that is issued by the authorities to people attached to emergency services. If you don’t have an online e-pass and if due to some unfortunate situation your commercial vehicle meets with an accident, you can’t make an insurance claim.

Additional document 2: ‘Medical emergency’ permission letter

Private cars are allowed to travel during the pandemic but only for medical emergencies. A valid reason, like a doctor’s prescription or letter, which can be easily proved, would help make the insurance claim process easier.

Where to make your claims?

Vehicle insurance policyholders must inform about the damage to the insurance provider by either calling the zonal office or toll-free number or through a mail. Insured can also use a mobile app of the insurer to make for faster insurance claims. The app can be used to not only make claims but also check claim history and other policy details. The policyholder can also inform the agent or submit the claims documents to the local insurance office.

What documents are required for making an insurance claim during COVID-19?

  • Copy of online car insurance policy
  • Claim form duly signed 
  • Original repair bill 
  • Proof of release and cash receipt
  • Valid copy of driving licence
  • Valid copy of registration certificate of the vehicle 
  • FIR (if necessary, as in case of highway accident, theft, and major third-party injury or damage) 
  • Any other document required by the insurance company to ensure seamless settlement of claim (please check here)
  • Online e-pass for travel during COVID-19 lockdown for commercial vehicles/exempt vehicles
  • In case of medical emergency, prescription or letter with a current date from a doctor
  • Submit as many photos/videos taken during the day time of dents etc, for faster process

Points to remember for smoother claims

  • Only commercial vehicles will receive online e-pass and travel clearance
  • Online e-passes mention the origin and destination, so commercial vehicles need to stick to  the route mentioned
  • Individuals have the right to claim ‘medical emergency’ only with proper verifiable or written proof

When the COVID-19 lockdown was being implemented by the government initially, people were advised to stay indoors. The main condition for motor insurance, that ‘there would not be any unlawful activity’, nullifies any kind of insurance claim, notwithstanding the online e-pass. Moving around town without valid permission is an unlawful activity during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

In a videoconference involving the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) and the Indian Institute of Insurance Surveyors and Loss Assessors (IIISLA), the General Insurance Council (GIC) assured that action would be taken against all motor insurance companies who harass the insured.

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Last words

Financial safety is the paramount reason for any motor insurance being purchased. It is advisable to stay home, safe from COVID-19, till such time it is felt that the situation has returned to normal. 

Most motor insurance portals do not have an update yet on the COVID-19 mandatory documents as a clear directive is yet to be received. No answers are forthcoming even with a web search ‘how to claim car insurance during lockdown?’

In short, do not travel without a valid reason during the COVID-19 lockdown. Know about claiming compensation under third-party motor insurance. 


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