Get the Most Out of Your Car Insurance: This New Plan Covers Multiple Chips, Losses and Scratches in One Claim

Tired of filing multiple claims for minor car damage? This new plan could save you time and money. Read this article to know how you can file one claim for multiple losses.

New Car Insurance Plan

Do you want to get the most out of your car insurance? Do you hate paying for every scratch and chip on your car? Do you wish there was a way to cover all your minor car damages in one single claim? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to read this article. We will tell you about a new car insurance plan from Bajaj Allianz General Insurance that offers a plethora of add-on covers together.


  • One claim for multiple minor losses
  • Available for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Higher premium than base policy

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Bajaj Allianz V-Pay is a good option for car owners who want to protect their vehicle from various damages with one claim. It covers minor incidents that other insurers may question or reject. However, it also charges a higher premium than the base policy.

What was the need for a new car insurance plan?

To cover your car for minor damages, you need to pay extra for add-on covers that protect different parts of your car. For example, an Engine Protection cover covers your engine from water damage or a Consumables cover covers the cost of items like oil, grease, etc. But you need to know which cover applies to which damage and claim accordingly. Otherwise, your insurer may reject your claim. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance has a solution for this problem and offers many add-ons covers in one plan.

Decoding 'V-Pay' by Bajaj Allianz General: Comprehensive Overview

V-Pay has two plans: Classic and Elite. The Classic plan covers you for things like roadside assistance, consequential losses, CNG/LPG kit, adulterated fuel,  waiver of deductible, depreciation waiver, rally, tyre & rim protection, key replacement, personal baggage, vehicle retrieval & towing, rodent bite, vehicle replacement, and geographical extension. The Elite plan has all these plus 22 more features. It covers you for smart repair, mechanical and electrical breakdowns, recalibration, and defence cost. V-Pay also covers electric and hybrid vehicles.

V-Pay: Availability and Pricing

You can get V-Pay add-on cover with your base Own Damage (OD) cover when you buy or renew your car insurance. The policy period of V-Pay will match the base policy. The insurer said that for a car worth Rs 6 lakh, the OD premium with V-Pay Classic plan will be Rs 22,530 and with V-Pay Elite plan will be Rs 27,030 per year. 

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