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If you’ve just bought a new car or are thinking of getting one, there are some important formalities you must complete.

Just bought a new car? Here’s what you need to do next!

Buying a car is always exciting. Comparing features, choosing the colour, and the multiple test drives- what a treat!

If you are thinking of upgrading to a new car or have already bought one, there’s loads of fun and happiness in your future. That said, you do need to take some steps to make sure you have all the formalities completed. Here is a look at what you must do once you’ve christened your new ride:

1. Paperwork:

Check all documents related to your new car. Ensure you have in your possession all the paperwork from your dealer. This includes the original receipt of payment made for the purchase, registration details, tax receipt, insurance certificate, delivery challan and the completed docket of original papers pertaining to any loan or financial instalments you have availed for the car.

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2. Insurance:

Comprehensive car insurance protects you against any damage or loss. You must ask your dealer to explain all the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. Always read through the fine print before signing on the dotted line so you know exactly what you’re paying for- riders, premium, benefits, the works.

Keep in mind that the policy may change over time, so it’s important you inquire about that.


  • Registration

It is illegal to drive a car without its registration certificate. To start with, your dealer should be able to help you out with a temporary registration that will last you about 30 days from travel within the registered city. This will be followed by a permanent registration. You can fetch this permanent registration from the office of the Regional Transport Office in your city. This is one of the most important car-related documents. Make sure you keep it carefully.

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3. Pollution certificate

You also need pollution control certificate. Without this, you can be penalized by the traffic police for non-adherence to the law. Initially, the dealer will hand over the certificate to you, as the car is brand new and has not taken to the road yet. However, you will have to renew this on your own every six months at a ‘pollution check’ camp at your nearest petrol station.

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4. Breakdown service:

You’re almost set! The last thing you’re going to need is breakdown service. True, it is a brand new car, but you could face a minor problem or fault with the car, which could be a great inconvenience. Keeping a breakdown service contact number handy might save the day. You can purchase this service for a small amount to stay worry-free throughout the year. It would also be a to keep neon signs handy (if they are not already a part of the car’s tool kit) to be put on display. For example, in case of a flat tyre at night, you can display this neon sign to divert any car away from you.

Now that all the documentation is in place, you can drive this beauty around. Just remember to drive safe and keep the paperwork handy at all times!



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