What is Road Side Assistance and why do you need it?

If only you had Road Side Assistance. You’d have gotten immediate and prompt assistance for any and all mechanical, electrical, and logistical issues that arose, and would have gotten to work on time, safe and sound.

what is road side assistance and why do you need it

Your car’s engine isn’t coming on. Your tyre has been punctured and you don’t know how to fix it. You’re causing a traffic jam, attracting angry stares and will most likely be late to work.

You’re panicking.

If only you had Road Side Assistance. You’d have gotten immediate and prompt assistance for any and all mechanical, electrical, and logistical issues that arose, and would have gotten to work on time, safe and sound.

So, to reiterate, why is it important to opt for Road Side Assistance (RSA)?

Peace of mind

With round-the-clock service that is just a call away, road side assistance offers you and your family utmost peace of mind, even in the most stressful of situations.

Freedom from complications

Too often, we have issues with our cars that are beyond our understanding. Calling someone who can offer professional assistance and fix it right away can be mighty helpful when you’re stuck in the middle of the road!

Post-accident care

The only thing worse than getting into an accident? Not knowing what to do afterwards. Your car needs to be taken to a garage and you’ll need help moving the damaged vehicle. This is where RSA can be a life and time and effort saver.

What are the various facilities covered under Road Side Assistance (RSA)?

  • Towing in case of breakage or accident

In case your car has broken down or gotten into an accident such that it needs to be towed somewhere inconveniently far for repair, RSA will get it to the nearest networked garage. 

  • Technician visit

In case your car is damaged or has suddenly developed an issue, a technician can be called to where you are to take a look at what’s going on under the hood.

  • Flat tyre change

For too many of us who can’t change a car tyre on our own, an RSA technician can be called on site to help us out in our hour of need.

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  • Troubleshooting battery issue

Not much is scarier than when your car’s battery doesn’t start- in the middle of nowhere. RSA provides you with the facility to jump-start your battery on the spot or at least arrange for a service battery.

  • Fuel refilling

If you unexpectedly run out of fuel, RSA saves the day by coming to where you are and refilling your car with enough fuel to at least let you reach the nearest gas station.

  • Lost keys

Locking your keys inside the car is annoying enough, but losing them altogether is so much worse! In such contingencies, RSA can arrange to pick up and deliver spare keys to your location or even unlock it on the spot.

  • Phone assistance

RSA puts you just a phone call away from expert advice on tackling minor technical car issues. Customer care executives can not only guide you on the phone but also offer relevant information like directions to the nearest garage, nearest hospital, etc.

  • Cab service

RSA seamlessly coordinates with the closest rental cab companies to arrange a cab for you and any other stranded passengers you had in the vehicle with you. While a tow truck takes care of your vehicle, RSA ensures you and your loved ones are taken to safety.

  • Hotel accommodation arrangements

In case your car has been immobilised due to an accident or breakage, RSA can also facilitate an arrangement for hotel accommodation in a location nearby. This can be extremely helpful if you’re not in your hometown.

  • Message relay in case of accident or breakdown

Being unable to inform your family and friends about your whereabouts can be extremely stressful. RSA can reach out to your loved ones to keep them in the loop about where and how you are.

  • Legal advisor referral

Getting prompt and reliable advice from lawyers after meeting with a road accident can go a long way in easing any imminent legal troubles that may arise. Through RSA, your insurance company can help connecting you with eminent lawyers and professionals who can represent you.

As we’ve demonstrated above, RSA offers you 360° protection. When offered by a worthy insurer, RSA can sort out all sorts of problems for you, from broken cars to bones to phones. So the next time you’re choosing which motor insurance provider to opt for, ensure you ask for RSA. Life’s just better that way.


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