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How India's oldest mutual funds have beaten the markets?

Uncover the secrets of wealth creation with India's historic MF schemes. Read this article to find how these time-tested investments have enriched generations of investors.

Stock market behaviour Premium

2024 Elections: Stock market behaviour before and after the elections. Should it impact your investment decisions?

In 2023-24, India will see a number of state elections and a union election. Stock markets may show a knee-jerk reaction if the election results are not as expected. Let's look at the historic data of market reactions before and after the election results that can help in your stock market investment decisions.

Which are the 5 biggest asset management firms managing mutual fund investments in India?

An Asset Management Company (AMC) provides professional services for buying and selling assets on behalf of its clients through the expertise of financial experts, known as fund managers.

Constant v/s Target Maturity Funds. Know which Mutual Fund is a Better Bet for You

Which is a better choice – Constant maturity fund or target maturity fund

Balanced Advantage Fund: Get the best of equity and debt in a single fund with favourable taxation

A Balanced Advantage Fund (BAF) gives exposure to equity that can provide growth and debt that provides stability during market falls. BAF is taxed as an equity fund.

How interest rates impact mutual funds

There is a strong correlation among asset classes in the investment universe. We explore how the movement of interest rates can affect your mutual fund investment portfolio.

Savings account vs Debt fund SWP: Which one is better for parking lump sum for paying a loan EMI?

If you have received a lump sum amount, either keep it in a savings account or start a debt fund SWP to pay loan EMI. A debt fund has the potential to give higher returns than a savings account. But, do consider the taxation aspect.


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