Mutual fund schemes that completed 25 years in 2022: HDFC TaxSaver, HDFC Top 100, Nippon India Growth fund

Returns offered by mutual funds completing 25 years in 2022!

Mutual fund schemes

If you want to generate wealth in the long term, mutual funds are one of the most popular options. Given the minimal risks associated, beginners can also safely invest in mutual funds. When compared to equity stocks, these risks are minimized. 

With each passing year, new mutual fund schemes hit the mark, and it is not even surprising that they have already attracted a lot of investors, given the several benefits that these schemes offer. When one scheme hits the market, experts study how well it performs among the target investors. Depending upon the reports, other new, revised, and improved schemes are launched. The UTI Mastershare Fund is the oldest equity scheme mutual fund. It was launched in the year 1986 and is a large cap fund. The JM Medium to Long Duration, launched in 1955, is the However, this year, fifty mutual fund schemes have already completed 25 years in the Indian market. 

Among the 50 mutual fund schemes that complete their 25th year in 2022, eight are hybrid fund schemes, 31 schemes are equity funds, and 11 are debt funds. In the last 25 years, the returns in equity schemes have fallen somewhere in the range of 8-23%. Here, we are calculating the returns since inception. However, most of the equity schemes offered returns on the higher tail of the range. The Canara Robeco Equity Hybrid Fund, launched in 1993, is the oldest fund under the hybrid fund category.

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Returns offered on completion of 25 years

Here are the 50 mutual funds that turned 25 this year, along with the returns offered by them!

50 mutual funds that turned 25


50 mutual funds that turned 25


50 mutual funds that turned 25


50 mutual funds that turned 2550 mutual funds that turned 25

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As you can already see from the list, HDFC Tax Saver Fund offered the highest return among all the other funds, with a return of 23% since the date of launch.

Among the hybrid schemes that crossed the 25-year mark this year, Aditya BSL Equity Hybrid Fund offered the highest return of 18% since its launch in the year 1995.

JM Medium to Long Duration Fund and Aditya Birla Sun Life are the oldest debt mutual funds. Both were launched in 1995, but the former is not accepting any new investments at the moment. Also read about What are index funds, and how does one invest in them?

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