Best apps to buy direct mutual funds in 2022 - Coin by Zerodha, Groww, Paytm Money, CashRich, Kuvera, ETMONEY

Investing can often be complicated or overwhelming. To take advantage of the available stock market opportunities, you can make direct investment into mutual fund schemes and save on commissions.

6 Best apps to buy direct mutual funds

Investing in mutual funds is a safe way to indirectly invest in the stock markets and grow wealth in the long run. Mutual funds offer a diversified way to long term capital gain.  It may be safer to invest in a mutual fund investment that makes a direct stock market investment. Mutual funds offer a diversified way to long term capital gain. 

Investing in direct mutual fund investment schemes helps you save on commission and invest in the schemes of one of the 44 mutual fund houses registered under AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in India). It also keeps the expense ratio on the lower end.

Today, there are several apps that let you invest in mutual funds through regular systematic investment plans (SIPs). These not only help you meet financial goals but also save on taxes. Apps offer simpler and smarter ways to invest in mutual funds. Moreover, with simplified KYC (Know Your Client) procedures and quick turnaround times, you can save time and effort, too. But selecting the right app is important to track and manage your investment. It also ensures quicker redemptions and safety for your money.

A mutual fund investment app is your ideal partner to secure your financial future. It can help you manage your portfolio, enable you to purchase or redeem your investment, or even start a new SIP according to your choice and comfort. You can download it on your mobile, desktop, or tablet and manage your investments on the go.

Here are 6 best apps to buy direct mutual funds by either investing a lump sum or through a SIP

1. Coin by Zerodha

This is one of the simplest apps to make investments in mutual funds. If you are wondering how to buy mutual funds directly, all you need is a Zerodha account. You can use your account balance to invest through the Coin app. The app makes it simple to create SIPs and manage your portfolio. An investor can search, filter and buy from thousands commission free direct mutual funds across multiple Asset Management Companies. The mutual funds are held in demat form and are thus easier to pledge as collateral for loan against securities. One can also save taxes by investing in ELSS funds. It also offers instant purchasing of order via UPI payments.


  • Account opening - Online, within 24-48 hours
  • Charges - INR 200
  • Direct investments with funds in Zerodha account
  • Withdrawal TAT -The time taken for your money to be transferred to your trading account can differ for each fund and is mentioned in the redemption window against each scheme on the app.
  • Customer support - Tele assistance for existing clients using support code after creating ticket
  • Available for Android and iOS 
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Wide range of funds discovery to choose from
  • Easy to manage portfolio page
  • Instant order purchase via UPI
  • Offers auto-debit for subsequent SIP investments
  • Rating on Google Play Store - 4.3/5
  • App downloads - 10 Lakh +

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2. Groww

If you’re just starting to make mutual fund investments, Groww is the app for you. Buying and selling of mutual funds is absolutely free, with no hidden charges or broking fee. It  offers direct mutual fund investment at zero commission, free of cost with no account opening charges. The app is simple to use with no minimum paperwork and no hassles. The account opening process is also simple and takes less than 30 minutes to make the account investment ready.

The app also offers a dashboard to track all investments, annualised returns and total returns. A database of learning videos and blogs dedicated to mutual funds offer good insights for newcomers. Besides mutual funds, it also offers a stock trading platform. You can directly invest in mutual funds at zero commission. You can also track the performance of your funds through one-stop portfolio insights.


  • Account opening - Online, within 24 hours
  • Charges - Free of cost
  • Low initial investment – SIP can be started with Rs 100 
  • Withdrawal TAT - Within 24 hours
  • Customer support - Tele assistance
  • Simple and interactive, secure, and easy to use 
  • Paperless, one-step KYC and simple account opening
  • Easy sync feature for cross-platform access for different operating systems
  • Single dashboard to track investments and returns (annual and total)
  • SIP calculator for easy calculation of return on investments
  • Rating on Google Play Store - 4.5/5
  • App downloads - 1Cr +

3. Paytm Money

Buying and selling of mutual fund schemes is absolutely free with this app, with no commission or charges on buying or selling of direct mutual fund investment plans. It ensures 100% paperless KYC verification. Its simple account opening process helps you make your account investment ready in less than 30 minutes. It also provides access to several investment ideas to facilitate you to choose the one that best suits your portfolio. You can choose from a diversified suite of equity funds, liquid funds, and ELSS through the app. Further, it also offers a one-stop solution for tracking your investments. The app also offers the facility to switch from Regular to Direct plans, track, manage and automate SIP investments.


  • Account opening - Online, 10-24 hours
  • Charges - Free of cost
  • Facility to start an investment with as little as Rs 100
  • Withdrawal TAT - Within 30 minutes in the case of liquid funds
  • Customer support - Email and tele assistance
  • Allows paperless KYC and simple account opening
  • One-stop portfolio insights helps to track fund performance
  • Fully transparent tracking, data privacy and protection
  • Rating on Google Play Store - 4.0/5
  • App downloads - 1Cr +

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4. CashRich

CashRich is an ideal partner for monitoring and managing your mutual fund investments. It is India’s first mutual fund app that offers the Dynamic SIP method for earning higher returns compared to other SIPs. The app consists of high-performing schemes under varying categories such as short-term, long-term and tax saving, among others.

The app lets you review the scheme’s past performance and calculate SIP returns. The ‘switching’ facility can be used to snap your investment from one scheme to another with the same fund. The app provides guidance and advisory to make investments in top-performing schemes and also to determine when to invest and in what schemes.


  • Account opening - Online (time taken unavailable)
  • Charges - Free of cost
  • Dynamic SIP offers enhanced diversification of portfolio and improved returns
  • Withdrawal TAT - Within 24 hours
  • Provides email and one-tap chat support for 24x7 assistance and instant money withdrawal
  • Recommends MF schemes based on goals and profile
  • Helps to track performance of investments on the go
  • Rating on Google Play Store - 4.8/5 
  • App downloads - 1 Lakh+

5. Kuvera

Kuvera offers features that make it easier for beginners to invest in mutual funds. Its one-stop tracking dashboard helps you track the performance of direct mutual fund investment on the app. There is a feature that offers family accounts to manage joint investments. Interestingly, the main feature of the app is the option of making goal-based investments.

The app facilitates setting of life goals and recommends schemes as per your investments and existing portfolio. Besides mutual funds, you can also use the app for making investments in the stock market and in gold. The app also features tax harvesting, reports and TradeSmart. With one-stop tracking dashboard, one can easily track investment performance.


  • Account opening - Online, up to seven days
  • No commission or hidden charges
  • One can avail of a family account to manage joint investments
  • Offers experienced financial advisor to help make investments
  • Withdrawal TAT - Within 24 hours
  • Customer support - Chat and email
  • Helps fix personal financial goals and keep a tab on them
  • Lets you invest in tax-saving options
  • Rating on Google Play Store - 4.4/5
  • App downloads - 10 Lakh+


ETMONEY is another great platform for making direct mutual fund investment. This app from the Times Group offers great insights into your investments, helping those at the early stage of mutual fund investments. The app is easy to navigate and is equipped with a fully automated network. It offers a one-stop destination for all things. It helps track and manage expenses using the expense manager. Not only this, but it also offers investment in SIP or lump sum, and also helps save tax on SIPs in ELSS mutual funds. It suggests strategies on investments as per the financial goals of the user. It also provides access to a range of financial services such as buying insurance policies and instant loans.


  • Account opening - Online, up to 3-5 days
  • Charges - Free of cost
  • Lets you invest in best performing funds
  • Withdrawal TAT - up to T+7 business days of successful amount/units withdrawn based on the type of funds
  • Customer support - Email
  • Allows easy integration with UPI payment apps
  • Offers tax-saver solutions and helps save on annual taxes
  • Classifies expenses in various categories and helps to track them
  • Easy integration with most UPI payment apps
  • Rating on Google Play Store - 4.6/5
  • App downloads - 50 Lakh+

According to the findings of the most recent SPIVA India scorecard report, India's most actively managed funds underperformed their respective benchmarks over longer time horizons. On the other hand, index funds and ETFs might be an excellent investment for longer-term objectives if you want to start a new venture. Index funds make sense, but you should base your decision to transfer from active funds to index funds on a rigorous examination of the previous fund's performance as well as the fees associated with the switch.

Now that you know how to invest in direct mutual funds using these investment apps, you can go ahead and download any one of these.

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