IDFC Mutual Fund becomes Bandhan Mutual Fund in a rebranding strategy

IDFC Mutual Fund changes name to Bandhan Mutual Fund.

IDFC Mutual Fund rebranded to Bandhan Mutual Fund

Asset Management Company (AMC) IDFC is getting rebranded. The company has received sponsorship from the Bandhan Group and will be rebranding itself as Bandhan Mutual Fund. Besides the change in the name of the AMC, each mutual fund scheme would also be renamed, wherein ‘IDFC’ would get replaced with ‘Bandhan’.

The new change comes into effect on 13th March 2023. However, it's just the name that is changing. The investment objective and fund management would remain the same for all IDFC mutual fund schemes.

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Talking about the rebranding, the company and its CEO released their official statements. The company’s statement read that their investors have nothing to fear since the funds and management would remain the same. Investors would continue to enjoy the high-quality management of their investments for which the fund house is famous.

The company further stated that the rebranding is a new chapter in its journey and is expected to bring about a fresh lease of energy to its business.

Meanwhile, the company’s CEO, Vishal Kapoor, stated that the company’s new name reflects its new sponsorship and it was proud to be associated with the Bandhan Group. Mr Kapoor said that the Bandhan Group was backed by goodwill, legacy and inclusiveness, which would benefit IDFC’s customers as they would continue to get the same expertise, focus and passion they experienced in the past.

IDFC AMC has also changed its logo to reflect the rebranding and is offering all the mutual fund schemes in its portfolio. The website domain has also changed, and investors can now check their existing folios or make investments through

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