Should you invest in the new ITI Flexi Cap Fund? All you need to know.

ITI Mutual Fund launches the ITI Flexi Cap Fund on January 27, 2023.

ITI mutual fund launches ITI Flexi Cap Fund

ITI Mutual Fund has recently announced that it will launch the ITI Flexi Cap Fund. It will launch the scheme on January 27, 2023. The scheme will be open-ended, and investors looking to invest their hard-earned money can invest with the NFO (New Fund Offer) in this debt fund instrument. The NFO is open for a few days till February 10, 2023. Investors can participate in continuous sales or purchases as the scheme reopens. The scheme would reopen till February 24, 2023. Once the NFO closes, the fund shall allot the units within five working days. 

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ITI Flexi Cap Fund will contain two plans. One will be the Regular Plan, and the other will be a Direct Plan. It will have a common portfolio and the respective NAVs (Net Asset Values). Investors investing in this scheme will hope to generate capital appreciation in the long term from a portfolio that dynamically invests in equity and its related securities across the different market caps. However, one must remember that achieving the investment objective is not guaranteed. 

Asset Allocation Pattern 

The allocation pattern for the assets will look like this:

Asset Allocation Pattern

Nifty 500 Total Return Index will benchmark the scheme's performance. The minimum investment amount for subscription in this scheme is Rs. 5,000. The NAV will be capped at Rs. 10/unit in the NFO period. The Scheme Information Document labels the scheme as "Very Risky" and says it will suit investors who want to stay invested for a long time. 

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Investors should always consult their financial experts before investing. Your financial advisor can tell you better if the scheme suits you. Rohan Korde and Dhimant Shah will manage the fund. Tanay Gabhawala will be the fund manager to invest overseas as per the circulars, guidelines, and regulations. There will be no entry load. However, there is an exit load of 1% if the investors redeem their investment before 12 months from unit allocation. 

Launch of ITI Flexi Cap Fund NFO 



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