Should you invest in Small Cap Mutual funds in 2023? How good is Quant Small Cap Mutual fund?

The Quant Small Cap Mutual fund is a mutual fund launched in November 1996. It is one of the choices to consider when an investor wants to invest in mutual funds. Understanding the key factors to consider while making the decision and the details of the Quant Small Cap Mutual fund is crucial to earning profits.

Quant Mutual Funds

Why invest in small cap funds in 2023?

Small cap funds are associated with companies which currently have a small consumer base or market. Investors have experience in the past year that it does not take much time for even small companies to become huge if the consumers accept their product/services. If the investor is ready to accept the risk for higher returns, small cap funds is the right investment for them in 2023.

What are the factors to be considered while investing in a Small Cap mutual funds?

Deciding to invest in a mutual fund can become confusing for investors. Let us understand the factors which must be considered by an investor while investing in a mutual fund:

  1. The investors must be establish clear goals which are to be fulfilled by the investment. Having clear goals allows the investors to formulate an effective strategy and also estimate the amount which they need to invest in the mutual funds to fulfill their goals.
  2. The period for which the investor wants to remain invested in the mutual fund is critical when deciding to invest in a mutual fund. Some investors may be looking for short-term investments whereas some might want to invest for a longer period.
  3. Investing in the financial market can result in losses, and the investor must factor in the risk levels the ability to withstand such losses while making the decision.
  4. The different type of plans for mutual funds must be considered by the investor. Mutual funds with direct plans can provide investors with better returns than other mutual funds as the expense ratio is comparatively low. 

What are the top small cap funds for investors in 2023?

For investors who are looking into small cap funds for investing in 2023, these are the top small cap funds:

top small cap funds for investors in 2023

What is Quant Small Cap Mutual Fund?

Quant Small Cap Mutual fund was launched in 1996 and is managed by Mr. Ankit Pande, Vasav Sahgal, and Sanjeev Sharma. Quant Small cap fund is the highest ranked small cap fund. It is one of the most preferred mutual funds by the investors. The primary attributes of this mutual fund are:

  1. The size of the Quant Small Cap Mutual Fund is 2870.43 Crore rupees.
  2. The fund is associated with high risks (Standard deviation – 23.93) and has high volatility but, at the same time, can provide very high returns to the investor. 
  3. The fund has invested 98.45 percent of the money in domestic equities. Small Cap stocks comprise 61 percent of the fund, Mid Cap Stocks are 7.6 percent, and large Cap stocks are 14.42 percent. 
  4. The biggest companies in the portfolio of the mutual fund are:
  • Indian Tobacco Limited (ITC)
  • Ratnakar Bank Limited
  • Punjab National Bank
  • Jindal Stainless.
  • IRB Infrastructure Developers

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Final Words

Mutual funds can be tough as investors need the right strategy and information. Investors looking to invest in the Quant Small Cap fund must decide if they can withstand the risk associated with getting high returns.


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