TATA AIA Life Insurance launches Dynamic Advantage and Sustainable Equity Funds. Should you invest?

How can you invest in the new Tata AIA NFOs?

TATA AIG Launches NFOs

TATA AIA Life Insurance has launched Dynamic Advantage and Sustainable Equity Funds. Both these funds offer distinctive investment benefits and life insurance protection security. The window for Unit Linked Products for both these funds will be between March 18 and 31, 2023. The NAV is set at Rs. 10/unit. 

The Sustainable Equity Fund invests in sustainable companies in the long term to obtain capital appreciation. It also invests in ESG-friendly strategies and will invest over 80% in equity-related and equity instruments. The other 20% will be invested in the money market, debt, or equity instruments. Tata AIA plans to plant a geo-tagged sapling and provide a digital certificate to all investors. 

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How to Invest?

You can invest in both NFOs through the ULIP offerings, such as Wealth Maxima, Fortune Maxima, Wealth Pro, and Fortune Pro. You can also invest by purchasing Sampoorna Raksha Supreme and Param Rakshak protection solutions. Consumers can reap profits from returns that link to the markets and secure their loved ones with a life insurance cover. A Tata AIA Life Insurance statement said that protecting one's future in these volatile times is crucial amidst economic uncertainty. We also witness climatic changes and the negative impact of development on mother Earth. Tata AIA has launched two NFOs, keeping this in mind to contribute to a better future. 

The statement also said that consumers look to contribute to a better environment and protect and ensure the financial security of their loved ones. Millennial investors want environmental-friendly companies, and the Sustainable Equity Fund will offer an opportunity. India's ESG 100 has returned better than the Nifty 100 or 50 in the last three to five years. 


The Dynamic Advantage Fund wants to provide its investors with returns in testing times at volatile conditions by investing in debt and equity venues. Investors will benefit from equity growth and debt funds' downside. Consumers and investors may not have to check the markets to rebalance their portfolios. 


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