These small-cap and mid-cap stocks are the most popular in thematic and sector funds.

The nature of these fund performances is cyclical.

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Thematic and sector funds have a concentrated portfolio. Sector funds follow a narrow investment path, focusing on a single sector. On the other hand, thematic funds park their money in different sectors associated with a theme. The fund performance is cyclical, and the portfolios not only capitalize on the growth opportunities upon the sector performing but also incur losses when the sectors struggle. Thematic and sector funds performing in the last year include consumption, auto, and PSU-related funds. Pharma and technology returned negatively. 

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These are the popular small-cap stocks and mid-cap stocks in the actively managed thematic and sector fund categories.

Popular small-cap stocks and mid-cap stocks in PSU Funds

Popular small-cap stocks and mid-cap stocks in PSU Funds

One-Year Category Return: 19.5%

Active Schemes in Category: 4

Larger Corpus Schemes in Category: Aditya Birla SL PSU Equity Fund and ICICI Pru PSU Equity Fund

Popular small-cap stocks and mid-cap stocks in AutoFunds

small-cap stocks and mid-cap stocks in AutoFunds

One-Year Category Return: 15%

Active Schemes in Category: 3

Larger Corpus Schemes in Category: UTI Transportation & Logistics Fund

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These are the favorite stocks in the small-cap and mid-cap categories in thematic and sector funds. These stocks are the ones most schemes are holding. Consult your financial expert for more details and always do your research before investing. 


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