Give Your Portfolio International Exposure with Metaverse Stocks

As virtual reality is slowly gaining traction, Metaverse is poised to grow and become the next big thing. You can invest in Metaverse companies to enjoy the growth potential. Find out how.

Invest in the Future Invest in Metaverse
  • Metaverse is a virtual universe designed and operable using virtual and augmented reality tools.
  • With virtual reality on the verge of being the next big thing, you can invest in Metaverse companies for attractive returns.
  • Metaverse companies are internationally listed companies which operate in or develop the Metaverse.
  • You can invest in their stocks directly or through mutual funds. Mutual funds are the safer option since they are professionally managed diversified portfolios.

Facebook changed its name to Meta in October 2021 heralding a move towards the development of the next-gen Metaverse. Apple will also be launching its own virtual reality headset soon which is expected to catapult the digital universe in an all-new direction.

Metaverse, a parallel digital universe, has become the next big development in the IT world. With Metaverse you can get an immersive experience in another dimension and unlock possibilities that might not exist in the real world.

Companies like Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, Google, etc. are riding the Metaverse boom and are expected to grow in the coming years as Metaverse becomes popular. How about investing in these companies?

Investing in Metaverse companies – What You Should Know

All the companies developing or participating in the Metaverse are listed internationally. Their stocks do not trade on the Indian stock exchange. As such, you cannot trade in Metaverse stocks through regular channels. However, this does not mean that you cannot invest in such companies.

Investment is possible through different modes and the primary ones are as follows –

  • Directly through authorised domestic brokers

Many brokers in India have tied up with international brokers to allow their customers to invest in international stocks. Check the list of such authorised brokers who allow international investments. Pick a broker and you would be able to invest in Metaverse companies by directly buying their shares.

  • Directly through international stockbrokers

You can also open a Demat account with an international stockbroker authorised to allow investment in international shares. This is a more direct approach than through domestic brokers and you can trade in Metaverse stocks in real-time.

  • Investing in international mutual funds 

International mutual funds are also available which invest in the mutual funds listed in international countries. They are Funds of Funds and they can allow you to invest in a diversified portfolio of international stocks.

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Benefits of investing internationally

Some of the benefits of investing in international stocks are as follows –

  • Geographical portfolio diversification
  • You can capitalise on the Metaverse growth story and generate attractive returns on investment
  • You can also bank on international economies and grow your savings as such economies grow.

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The bottom line

Invest in Metaverse companies as they are on the brink of something big. As more individuals are becoming internet savvy and the virtual world has become a reality, you can ride the growth wave and create considerable savings in the process too.

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Disclaimer: This article is intended for general information purposes only and should not be construed as investment or legal advice. You should separately obtain independent advice when making decisions in these areas.









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