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In what proportion should international funds be allocated?

You should diversify your portfolio as a part of your investing strategy. This means investing in different asset classes. It is beneficial to consider investing in various other geographies if you are willing to expand further. You may invest in other large economies, as well as in India.

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Home insurance is a fairly new concept in India when compared to other types of insurance like life and health. We’ve thus created an easy to understand guide to Home insurance for your ready reference.

4 Situations Every Home Owner Fears

Most common things people are afraid of when they own a house.

Bharat Griha Raksha: IRDAI makes home insurance simpler

IRDAI just made India’s complicated home insurance process simpler and more customer-friendly, to encourage more people to buy home insurance.

Cyber insurance: Features, benefits and premium

What is cyber insurance and what it protects you from? Here are some of its benefits, costs and features you must know.

Get rail travel insurance of up to Rs 10 lakh for just 49 paise!

Rail travel insurance can be a solid reassurance when one is travelling by train. Check out what it covers, and how to get it.