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Know what Keyman insurance is and how can it protect more than just your business!

Should You Exit ULIP Plan Once The Lock-In Period Ends?

The first of the two parts is the one where the money is collected for your life cover. You invest the other part in any fund you choose, and it covers the investment part. It is an excellent investment option as you get the opportunity to invest in debt, equity, or a combination of both. It all depends on the appetite for risk that you possess. It is a cover for you and your family as well.

4 Situations Every Home Owner Fears

Most common things people are afraid of when they own a house.

What every employee should know about Employees Deposit Linked Insurance?

Employee Deposit Linked Insurance can support your family with monetary aid in your absence. Here’s what you need to know more about this insurance scheme

What do the proposed insurance colour codes by IRDAI mean?

RDAI, India’s insurance regulatory authority, has proposed to colour-code insurance polices. It can help you choose the right policy for yourself.

In what proportion should international funds be allocated?

You should diversify your portfolio as a part of your investing strategy. This means investing in different asset classes. It is beneficial to consider investing in various other geographies if you are willing to expand further. You may invest in other large economies, as well as in India.

Why the ESI Act of 1948 is one of the most popular social security schemes in India?

ESI enrolment has been made mandatory by the government, and it includes those in the unorganised sector as well.

E-insurance: Anytime, anywhere access to all your insurance policies in a single click

An e-insurance account lets you buy and track multiple insurance policies, and allows you to make routine changes such as updating address and/or adding nominees. Read more...