Investment Apps and how to begin investing through them

Time friendly Apps to start your Investment journey

How to use Investment Apps and start small

What is an investment?

Investment is the allocating of resources to an item or asset one to get an increased value over time in the future. It requires giving up resources in the form of time, money or effort to attain the result. Planning wisely, investing prudently, and having your assets appreciate in value helps you in the long run as it can give you financial independence.

Today, there are many investment mobile phone apps in the market which give you hands-on experience in the world of investment. These apps make it easier for a retail investor to take a closer look at mutual funds, fixed deposits, and other investment opportunities.

With these apps, it is possible to start with as small an investment sum as you would prefer and then scale up as your investment experience and risk-appetite change. This way, you can learn about investing in various avenues incrementally. Also, you get the ease of making your investments at your own convenience.

Finding the right avenues to invest in can be overwhelming for beginners, but mobile phone apps help make the experience smoother. This way, you do not have to deal with middle agents or brokers, and everything is just a click away.

Investment Apps

Investment apps help you track the market without the need to be glued to the computer screen all day long. To start investment through these apps, you don't need much - just your documents to fulfil the KYC requirement, your name and email id, and voila! You have an app that has your details handy, and you're ready to go and explore the world of investment.

The market today is flooded with investment apps - every bank and brokerage has its own. So here are a few you can go through when you are starting out fresh in the investment world. You can invest in not just mutual funds but also digital gold, fixed deposits of your choice.

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  • Groww is a really popular app these day due to widespread promotion and word-of-mouth publicity.
  • If you are just getting into a mutual fund or stock investment, Groww is the app for you. 
  • You can register and start using this app for free.
  • It takes less than half an hour to set up an account on Groww. 
  • You don't need documents to register - just your PAN Card, your address proof, signature and bank details and you're ready to invest. 
  • The lowest amount you can start with is Rs 100.


  • Kuvera mobile phone app also comes with very easy features. 
  • Just log into the app, put in your details to set up an account, and you can start investing.
  • One of the best features of the Kuvera app is that you can set up an investment returns goal and invest according to that. The app will show you investment opportunities based on that. 
  • This app offers many options to customise your preferences and investments. 

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Paytm Money

  • Buying and selling mutual fund schemes is absolutely free on this app.
  • It ensures that you have paperless KYC verification, and your account can be ready in less than thirty minutes.
  • You can choose from a variety of mutual funds, liquid funds, equity funds and ELSS through the app.
  • It also provides a one-stop point to track all your investments.
  • You can also invest in digital gold.

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All in all, these apps help you to start small with minimum hassles to achieve your investment goals. These apps help you invest in fixed deposits and digital golds , bitcoins. Try them out and explore the sea of opportunities if investment they offer.During the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, these apps have been useful to many seasoned as well as budding investors. If you've been considering the idea of investing but don't know where to start, go for these apps and try your hand at it stress-free. They will be a stepping stone for you to achieve your investment and financial planning goals.


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