Are you curious about crypto investing? Follow these cryptocurrency experts

Social media users must have heard about cryptocurrency investments endlessly and might even be a little confused about the hype. Cryptocurrency is viewed by many people differently. There are many cryptos in which investors have lost their money, and others have made investors a fortune. Here are some experts you should follow to gain more clarity.

Curious about crypto Follow these experts

Those of you with a social media presence must have endlessly heard about cryptocurrency investments and may even be a little confused about the hype created over it. There are so many diametrically opposite views on cryptocurrency. Some would tell you to invest all you have in crypto with the assurance that you could retire after a few years while others would warn you to stay away from them.

The problem is that while news and information are in abundance on the internet, it is difficult to find trustworthy and reliable sources whose advice you can follow. There are so many new cryptocurrencies coming up - should you invest in them or the established ones. There are many new cryptos in which investors have lost all their money while others have made investors a fortune. Should you make use of any Crypto trading platforms? If yes, which one? What should an inexperienced investor do?

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Firstly, every investor looking to put money in crypto needs to understand the risk. Indian investors should consider the projections of what the future of crypto in India is likely to be in order to understand their own risk appetite for this avenue. And as with any other investment avenue, the best option is to take expert advice to understand crypto investing.

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It would be a good choice to check with a personal investment advisor if you are serious about this investment avenue. In the meantime, here is a list of cryptocurrency experts in India and some basic advice that you can take into account to start with.

Below are some crypto experts in India who can help you sort out your confusion around crypto - 

1. Jeremy Schneider, Personal Finance Club - Schneider has followed Bitcoin since its inception and tells investors not to invest in crypto just because of FOMO (fear of missing out) pressure. He recommends making a small investment compared to your net worth. You can follow Jeremy Schneider on Twitter and Instagram. He has more than 360k followers on Instagram. 

2. Kiana Danial, Invest Diva -  Kiana Danial is the founder of Danial has been consistently tracking crypto markets and different coins since 2016. After years of research and understanding, she started investing in 2018. She believes if you have done your homework and are ready for the risk, you can allocate up to 20% of your total investment in crypto. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram. 

3. Jully-Alma Taveras, Investing Latina - Taveras wants investors to understand that crypto investment is completely different from stock investment. It is a new and uncertain investment asset and hence investors should not allocate more than 1% of their total assets in crypto for the time being. Also, she prefers to stick to the largest established cryptos and not new ones. She has 42.8k followers on Instagram. 

4. Aditya Singh, Crypto India - Singh started a YouTube channel in 2017 named Crypto India to educate people about blockchain technology and provide in-depth analysis of different coins. Aditya Singh has 194.7k followers on Twitter and 266k subscribers on YouTube. 

5. Pushpendra Singh, Pushpendra Singh Digital - Another Youtuber from India, Pushpendra Singh is working to increase crypto awareness. He creates videos on Crypto News in Hindi, Crypto analysis, and SmartViewAi. You can check out his videos and learn from them. He currently has 291k subscribers on YouTube.

Ending Note

We hope this list will help you explore cryptocurrencies and investments better. You can use it to arm yourself with the knowledge and information required to guide your investment decisions regarding crypto. No matter how inviting crypto investments may look, be sure to put aside some amount in savings and traditional investment avenues so you can hedge your bets. Don't miss on investment in crypto if you see it as a viable and lucrative opportunity, but at the same time, diversify your investment portfolio with stable assets that have assured growth over time.


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