Watch out for these gaming cryptos in 2022

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the gaming industry has grown as people stayed at home. Considering the numbers, it makes sense to put some gaming cryptocurrencies on your watchlist and invest in the best ones. To help you create your initial list, below are the top 5 gaming crypto to consider.

Here are five gaming cryptos to watch in 2022

The gaming industry has picked up in the last couple of years since the start of the pandemic as people stayed home. A new concept emerged - play-to-earn gaming, and it has grown at a staggering rate of 17,000% last year. With these growth numbers, it makes sense to put some gaming cryptos on your watchlist. 

To help you create your initial list, below are the top 5 gaming crypto to consider:

Gala Games - Last year, in November, the crypto touched its all-time high by gaining 550% in a month. However, it has fallen considerably since then but still has given good gains to investors. It has various games on its platform and the platform claims that it makes games you will actually want to play.

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As of now, there is only one game on the platform - Town Star. In this game, you will have to compete to build the best town - there are seven more games in the development phase.

Star Atlas - There is another popular category that has come up recently - metaverse crypto. In this article, the focus is on gaming tokens. However, Star Atlas finds a spot on this list because it is both a gaming and metaverse token. It has two in-game tokens, Atlas and Polis. You will have to sign up for one of three fractions in a future universe. Once you signup, you can build, mine, explore and trade. In short, it is a fantasy role-playing game with great visuals.

Yield Guild Games - One of the major issues with the initial crypto games was that one way or the other, gamers had to pay money upfront to participate. However, new games making their way to the market have no such requirement. 

You can get started with Gaming guilds without paying any cash during the signup process by borrowing the items you need. The guild buys assets in different games and lends them out to you. You can use these assets and pay the guild a cut of any in-game earnings. You will find many guilds on the platform, but the best is Yield Guild.

Immutable X - The building block of blockchain gaming is NFTs. NFTs are a form of digital ownership - whether for a piece of land, an in-game item like a sword, or an outfit for your avatar.

Many NFTs are built on Ethereum with the gas fees (initial sign-up fee) of around $100. Hence, it is an expensive thing to get into NFTs. There is a workaround for it. You can use layer 2 - something that sits on top of the existing blockchain to improve its performance. Immutable X is an NFT-focused layer 2 solution that is a perfect workaround. You don't have to make any initial payments (gas fee) and carbon-neutral NFT creation.

Enjin - is also about NFTs. It makes it easy for you to create, buy, sell and store NFTs. From a gaming perspective, Enjin lets you create NFTs that can be traded between games. It is one of the exciting aspects of blockchain gaming. Earlier, you may have played games for hours and earned some rewards. In most cases, once the game is over, these rewards are of no value. With blockchain gaming, you can sell those assets, or you can transfer them to other games.

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Ending Note

There are hundreds of crypto gaming tokens, and it may not be easy to pick one. Hence, it is important that you do your research and not get involved in something out of FOMO. Understand that crypto investing is risky. Hence, you should only invest a small percent of your portfolio in it. Ideally, invest your party funds - money you are comfortable losing.


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