List of the things you can buy with Bitcoin in India

Companies such as Wikipedia, Intuit, Microsoft, Shopify, and AT&T accept bitcoin as payment. You can also buy flight tickets from Virgin Atlantic and Norwegian Air Shuttle using Bitcoin. That's not all! Recently, Elon Musk, the Founder of Tesla, announced that Tesla would soon be accepting Bitcoin as a payment method.

what you can buy with Crypto

Astronomical Growth & Consequences

In the past year, Bitcoin's unprecedented growth has made authorities think twice about its use as a mode of payment and are looking for ways to regulate it worldwide. China has been vocal about how it does not like cryptocurrency. On the other hand, India has also stated that they are uneasy about using Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. 

India has stated that they are trying to get Bitcoin under a strict regulatory system and are not trying to de-legitimize them. Other technologies based on Blockchain are also a part of this. 

However, you can buy many things using Bitcoin in India today, and the list of goods and services is increasing by the day. If you wonder what you can buy using Bitcoin, then wonder no more. Dive in and see what you can buy.

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Bitcoin Uses on Through Purse 

You might not know this, but there is a way to buy stuff on using Bitcoin. Amazon is not a fan of accepting Bitcoins directly. However, a service called Purse allows you to convert e-money into Amazon gift cards. You can then use the gift cards to purchase things from

The Purse has a program called "Name your Discount", wherein you can get a discount on the gift card as people look to get rid of their gift cards for lower prices. 

Household Appliances and Furniture at Overstock

Overstock tied up with Coinbase in 2014 and was one of the first companies that started accepting Bitcoins. There are thousands of items that you can buy from Overstock using cryptocurrency. These items are engagement rings, coffee machines, bed linen, power tools, etc. Overstock ships to our country, and you can buy just about anything in their catalogue using Bitcoin. 

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Movies, Apps, and Games on Xbox Store and Windows

One of the largest companies in the world that happily accepts Bitcoin is Microsoft. You can pay for your MS Office or Windows 10 using Bitcoin. You can also buy Xbox Store games using cryptocurrency. You can, however, only use it to buy movies, apps, and games and not purchase items from the online Microsoft store. 

Web Hosting & Domain Names on Namecheap 

There are quite a few web hosting companies that accept Bitcoin payments. Now you can start your website or blog using cryptocurrency in India. One such company is Namecheap, and others include HostWinds, Hostinger, and Host1Plus, along with many others. 

Study Material & Books from Sapna 

India's largest online book mall is based in Bangalore, known as Sapna Online. You will find more than 10 Million titles in their inventory, and these are in various genres and languages. You can also find more than 10,000 audiobooks and toys, electronics, and products for healthcare. You can buy all these things using Bitcoins. 

Gift Cards from Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, and More

You probably don't know this, but you can use to sell or even buy gift cards. You will most likely find a gift card to help you trim off some bucks when you purchase anything next. The minimum discount you would find is 20%-30%, and discounts for many big brands such as Nike, Pizza Hut, Fastrack, and Bookmyshow are available.

Mobile Recharge

Platforms such as Zebpay and Unocoin allow you to recharge your mobile phones using Bitcoins. They are a couple of many cryptocurrency-based wallets that allow you to make payments as bills or mobile recharges. You can use these platforms next time your mobile runs out of money. 


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