Investing on a budget: How to invest with a monthly salary of Rs 50,000

With a monthly income below Rs 50,000 and sundry financial responsibilities weighing you down, it can be increasingly difficult to set aside money to invest. Most people focus on increasing their income than on making their existing income work for them.

Investing your money can be quite a challenge in itself. It requires a great deal of planning, and you need to be prudent about how you spend the money you earn so you have a sufficient amount left to invest. But if you’re earning just around Rs 6 lakh a year (Rs 50,000 a month) or lower, investing can be even harder, because you may not be left with much at the end of each month.  Living on such a tight salary could mean your expenses take up most or all of your income. If you have any high-interest debt eating into your funds, things can be even worse. Caught in this fix, many tend to set aside financial planning because they focus on increasing their income rather than making their existing income work for them. If you’ve been guilty of the same line of thought, perhaps it’s...


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