IPO Alert: Divgi TorqTransfer Systems IPO opens on 1st March, the first IPO to hit the market in 2023

Divgi TorqTransfer Systems IPO

Divgi TorqTransfer System

The IPO market was silent in January and February as no companies went public. But March will see some action as Divgi TorqTransfer Systems is about to launch its IPO on the 1st. Here’s all you need to know about the company and its IPO –

About Divgi TorqTransfer Systems

Divgi TorqTransfer Systems was incorporated in 1964 as an automotive component business. The company develops and supplies system-level transfer cases, dual-clutch automatic transmission products and torque couplers.

The company boasts of being the largest provider of transfer case systems to manufacturers of passenger vehicles in India. The company is also the only torque coupler manufacturer in India, and it also exports transfer cases to international OEMs across the world.

Some of the products of the company include the following –

  • Torque transfer systems, including four-wheel and all-wheel drive products.
  • Synchronizer systems for dual-clutch and manual-clutch transmissions.
  • DCT systems
  • Manual transmissions for rear-wheel drive
  • EV transmission systems

Financials of Divgi TorqTransfer Systems

Here’s a look at the financial performance of Divgi TorqTransfer Systems over the last couple of years –

financial performance of Divgi TorqTransfer Systems

(Source: https://www.chittorgarh.com/ipo/divgi-torqtransfer-systems-ipo/1383/)

About Divgi TorqTransfer Systems IPO

Here are the IPO details of Divgi TorqTransfer Systems –

IPO details of Divgi TorqTransfer Systems

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Some of the other details of the IPO are as follows –

  • The company intends to use the IPO proceeds for capex to buy plant and machinery. Besides capex, the funds would be used for other corporate uses
  • The OFS includes shares being sold by the company’s promoters, who are as follows –
  1. Oman India Joint Investment Fund II – selling 2.25 million shares
  2. NRJN Family Trust – selling 1.44 million shares
  3. Bharat Balchandra Divgi – selling 49,430 shares
  4. Sanjay Balchandra Divgi – selling 40,460 shares
  5. Ashish Anant Divgi – selling 1.04 lakh shares
  6. Anchor investors can bid for the IPO on 28th February

You can check out the company details and apply for the IPO if you want.

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Check out the video for complete details on the Divgi IPO


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