Should you invest in a new-age investment avenue?

Are you curious and love the new advanced world and are looking to invest in new investment options with significant returns? Here, we will discuss some great investment options for the year 2022, out of which you can reap the maximum benefits.

Is it safe to invest your hard-earned money in a new-age investment avenue

We all are familiar with the stock market and how some investments can turn into incredible financial gains for the investor. The way we learn about investment in 2022 is way better than our fathers ever did. The landscape of investment options has advanced to greater heights, opening avenues that were non-existent a few years back. The crazy blend of technology and money management has brought some spectacular investment options that lay fresh in the market. We can now invest in more than just stocks.

Let’s dive into some of the new-age investments of 2022


Approx returns (according to returns in 2021): 187.5%

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have increased the temptation to dwell in investments. You can check out Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tether, Binance, Solana, Terra, XRP, Cardano, and more cryptocurrencies. These digital currencies tend to fluctuate in prices in the marketplace and are constantly evolving in trading trends. So, watch out for major volume changes and stay updated on the regulatory news. 

However, to avoid malicious money laundering activities, India will continue looking at regulating cryptocurrencies.


Approx returns (according to returns in 2021): 210%

Non-Fungible Tokens are digital assets that are traded on crypto marketplaces. These can be paintings, illustrations, music, games, collectables, and Gifs. As NFTs have unique data stored in the blockchain technology, ledgers provide legitimacy and complete ownership and authenticity to the art sold. These are highly driven by buyer behaviours in the marketplace. 

VC Funding

Approx returns (according to returns in 2021): 108%

The massive surge of the start-up economy and IPOs have fuelled venture capital investments. When the heavily visioned start-up journeys are propagated, investors should not get diverted from the data that shows the unsuccessful stories of a few companies.

VC funds are high-risk investments that need a deep analysis of the buying potential, risk appetite, and asset allocation. Investors also need to be aware of the long growth phases and management dilution. 

Peer-to-Peer Lending 

Approx returns (according to returns in 2021): 12–15%

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending services provide small loans to people and earn interest when the loan is paid back. It is very similar to a mini banking operation. Most P2P lending services allow you to lend a small amount directly from an individual, cutting out the middle financial institutions. i2iFunding, Faircent, and more are a few who are operating in India.  


These are some of the new-age investment options which you can check out. It is very important to realise that investing comes with the risk of market volatility. Always read up and research before investing, and particularly, examine your own financial goals and personal risk potential. This will help you to stay aware of all the pros and cons of the investment destination of your choice.


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