Proven investment strategies that can be considered for volatile market

The pandemic caused due to the outbreak of COVID-19 has caused a stir in the global economy. This has resulted in volatility for different investment avenues, thus leaving the investors confused on which investment stream to opt for. Due to such prevalent financial uncertainty, there calls for right understanding of the current market scenario to make right investments. Through this premium article, we take a look at some basic principles of investing that never go out of style, understand the investment products under Gold, Equity and Debt classes and analyse historical data to give you an understanding of proven investment strategies that will aid you ride this uncertain economic condition out.

The ongoing pandemic has dealt the global economy a severe blow. Interest rates on fixed deposits have dropped below 6%. Gold prices have shot up abnormally. Real estate prices have fallen over the past few months. The equity market has corrected due to COVID-19 and has been very volatile of late. All this has created an atmosphere of volatility and uncertainty, leaving investors confused as to where to put their money.  Due to increasing awareness, people have started realising that the purpose of insurance is income replacement; it should not be treated purely as an investment. As far as investment in real estate is concerned, it is considered that anything more than one house or office for one’s own use does not make sense for the average investor. As real estate prices are expe...


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