Best IPOs in 2021: Nykaa, Indigo Paints, MTAR Technologies, Barbeque Nation Hospitality Ltd

An IPO is a sensational event in the financial market, with eager investors looking at the Red Herring Prospectus and the issue price and waiting for an allotment that can bring handsome listing gains in the stock exchange.

Stellar IPOs of 2021: A round-up

Initial Public Offering or IPO is a procedure used by private companies to make their company public by putting up their stocks for sale to investors. Now, this could be a budding company or an old one that has intentions of getting their company’s name listed in the stock market. Factors such as sufficient liquidity, flourishing momentum in the secondary market, and extensive participation of retail investors have made IPOs a thriving prospect in the financial sector. 

You may recall that companies like Happiest Mind Technologies, Burger King, and Mrs Bector’s Food Specialities had listing gains of 111%, 92%, and 75% respectively in 2020. As 2021 draws to a close, let us review the top IPOs of this year that garnered prominent listing gains and shone under the media spotlight.

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Top IPOs of 2021

1. LatentView Analytics Ltd

It is considered to be the world’s largest and fastest-growing digital analytics firm that also provides consulting services. It had an issue price of Rs 197 per share. It opened in the stock market on 23 November 2021 with a listing gain of 169% premium and a listing day debut price of Rs. 530.

2. Paras Defence and Space Technology

This company offers solutions to defence and space engineering. It had a listing gain of 168% in the NSE. It opened in the stock market on 1 October 2021. With an issue price of Rs 175 per share and listed at a whopping Rs 469 per share, it marked itself as the top IPO of 2021.

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3. MTAR Technologies

This manufacturing company has solutions for complex engineering works with its machining, assembly, quality control, and testing. On BSE, it was listed at a premium of 88.2%. It made its outstanding debut on 15 March 2021 with a rise to Rs 1063.9 per share, from the issue price of Rs 575.

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4. FSN Ecommerce Ventures (Nykaa)

This company e-retailing beauty and personal care products along with apparel and accessories caught the attention of the masses when it made a billionaire out of Falguni Nayar, one of the promoters of the company. It got listed on 28 October  2021 on BSE and NSE and had an issue price of Rs 1125. It had a 78% listing gain, opening at Rs 2,018 in the NSE. 

5. Indigo Paints

The company is ranked fifth in India as a decorative paints manufacturer with a 2% market share. It was listed on BSE at a premium of 75%. It debuted in the stock market on 2 February 2021 and had an issue price of Rs 1490 per share. It closed the day at Rs 3118.

6. Barbeque Nation Hospitality Ltd

A well-known dining chain in India, Barbeque Nation is popular for the live grills they serve on their patrons’ tables. The IPO had an issue price of Rs 500 per share. Although it debuted in the stock market on 7 April 2021 with a listing discount of 2% but zoomed to a 68% gain in three sessions.

IPOs are continuing to roll out and are a good investment option. Check the company’s Red Herring prospectus thoroughly before you apply for an allotment. Who knows, you may be one of the beneficiaries of the listing gains from the next big IPO!



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