Want to invest but lack the drive? Leave excuses and start investing.

Are you guilty of falling back on these excuses to avoid investing? Find out how to get over them.

Want to invest but lack the drive? Stop making excuses and take charge of your money now!

Investing is a great habit that can contribute to your financial security and better money management. However, it is also a much misunderstood practice. Most people fear losing their money or assume that investing requires a big budget. However, in reality, investing can be extremely simple, flexible, and hassle-free. And if you find yourself making any of the following excuses to not invest, the advice given below can help you make small yet steady steps towards a financially stronger future.

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  • “I don’t know what to do or where to begin” 

One of the biggest advantages of living in this day and age is the abundance of information at our fingertips. With a simple tap on your phone, you can learn anything you set your mind on. This makes it extremely easy to learn investing too. You could read financial journals, online blogs, or watch YouTube videos and pick up useful information that can help you invest. Investing can also be learned through experience and experimentation. Start with small amounts and devise a suitable strategy for yourself. And if things still seem uphill, you can always hire a financial advisor or invest through an online app. 

  • “I’m afraid I’ll lose my hard-earned money”

Yes, the fear of losing money is real. But there are all sorts of investments in the world. You can start with low-risk investment options that are not as volatile to gain an understanding of the process and then slowly diversify your portfolio with time. You can also create a low budget for your investments, so the chances of loss-making are low. Once you gain confidence, you can increase the investment amount. 

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  • “I happen to be a chronic procrastinator”

The best time to invest is now. The longer you put off things, the less time you will have to build your wealth. Delaying things can only harm you in the long run. So, do not wait for the perfect time. Instead, act now! 

  • “I cannot afford to invest any money”

The budget impact of investing is real. You will need to put aside some money every month for your future goals. So, this can adversely affect your present lifestyle. However, only you get to decide how much you invest. There is no restriction; you can invest as little or as much money as you comfortably can. So, do not worry about the impact of investing on your monthly budget, and start investing small amounts.

  • Investing is for the rich and famous”

Another common misconception that is often used as an excuse is that investing is for rich people - say, a businessman, a celebrity, or a famous athlete. However, this is totally wrong. Investing is a way to make your money grow. It can be done by anyone and everyone. Investing also serves various purposes. For instance, individuals can invest for goals such as buying a home, covering a child’s higher education expenses, foreign travel, retirement, etc. Similarly, companies can also make a business investment to grow their wealth and expand operations. 

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Last words

Instead of fearing investing, try to embrace it as early in life as possible. A longer time frame can offer you more time to achieve your goals comfortably. 

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