Blockchain courses in India: Here are the best ones

Are you someone who wishes to familiarise yourself with the concept of blockchain? We've got you! Read on for a small introduction to the blockchain. You will also see some suggestions for blockchain courses from the top institutions in India!

What are the best blockchain courses in India

Blockchains refer to digital databases with no centralised power. Instead, they are shared among the nodes of multiple computer networks. Blockchains are most widely used these days as a part of various cryptocurrency systems such as Bitcoin. 

This is because cryptocurrency does not have any regulating authority but still holds a certain valuation, just like the real currency. Thus, no one in the database can take over the authority of the Blockchain and issue themselves an unlimited supply of money. 

A blockchain guarantees the reliability and security of data. Therefore, having a working knowledge of blockchains can immensely increase the chances of job-seeking candidates.

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Best Blockchain Courses In India

Want to learn about blockchains? Here are some courses offered by various eminent institutions you need to check out.

Indian Institute of Blockchain Technology, Hyderabad
IIBT Hyderabad is one of the most trusted institutes providing training in blockchain-related courses. Their certificate is highly recognised and appreciated, thus adding an extra flair to your job resume. The trainers offering the courses are also highly qualified, specialising in Decentralised Identity Management System with Secure Identity Governance.

Indian Blockchain Institute, Pune
IBI conducts instructor-led classrooms and Virtual training programmes with trainers certified in Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum and Corda. Experience immersive learning with capstone projects through virtual blockchain labs.

Kerala Blockchain Academy, Thiruvananthapuram
An initiative of the government of Kerala, it offers blockchain training, research, and consultancy in multiple domains. Packed with young technology enthusiasts and research scientists, KBA strives to embrace game-changing technology and bring qualitative changes to the world.

Amity Future Academy, Mumbai
AFA Mumbai offers an exhaustive Blockchain program to produce super-qualified leaders in this emerging technological transformation space. You can focus on strategy & tools Industry Curriculum. Gain in-depth subject knowledge and expert insights from an industry-driven comprehensive curriculum.

Naresh Technologies, Hyderabad
Students and professionals interested in learning new technology can take this Blockchain course. This technology is beneficial for software developers and professionals in Banking and financial sector.

Final Thoughts

Thus, with blockchain establishing its position as one of the most crucial technologies, we all need to check out its importance. Having basic training in blockchain can help one achieve a higher success rate in job applications. You can apply for the various courses offered by multiple institutes recommended above to learn about blockchain in detail.

In case you wish to find out more, check out this video to find out more in detail about how blockchains work. If you want to learn more about cryptocurrency, click here to view the video.


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