Making a difference: How blockchain is serving a purpose for the fintech industry

The concern for your privacy on the internet remains constant given the threats that loom these days. Perhaps you want an innovative technology that does not compromise your privacy concerns and gets the job done? Read on to know how you can make this possible.

Ever wondered if there’s an easy and secure way to complete online transactions without having to deal with banks, online wallets, or any third-party applications? Thanks to blockchain technology, you can perform such transactions with assured privacy and safety. From a simple platform created for peer-to-peer transactions by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, blockchain has emerged as a promising technology that can transform business across different sectors.  At its core, blockchain is a secure and safe means of storing data and is primarily used for transactions of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology has far-reaching applications and can be used in sectors that need to record and authorise a series of actions or transactions. Its developers have been working on integrating the techn...


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