Evident hike of cryptocurrency with the contributions of war

The after effects of war have cornered investments and put an immense pressure on equities at a global scale. A direct jump in fuel prices, domino effects on inflation, and rising interest rates have caged the entire world in its arms. However, like a diamond in the mine, cryptocurrency seems to be shining through it all.

Witnessing the era of a crypto war - the rising hero amidst all

Even when it's the digital era, the course of wars has always followed a similar pattern. It's only divergent in the currency it affects. Nowadays digital currency is behind each and every significant occasion that happens on the planet and the contention among Ukraine and super-power Russia is no different. While other cryptos have endured everything, Seesaw Protocol (SSW) has figured out how to keep away from the knocks, with a fabulous excursion to the pinnacle of the crypto-mountain.

In the midst of the continuous Russia-Ukraine war, Bitcoin cost had risen in value by 15% within the week of the conflict. Infact within 24 hours itself, Bitcoin cost was up 12.51 percent exchanging at $43,094, as per CoinMarketCap information accessible at the hour of 21st March, 2022. On 24th February, cryptocurrency value had dropped to $34,904. From that point forward, the most famous and popularized cryptocurrency's cost has only seen the upper ladder, rising in value by around 23%.

Understanding the roots

As Russian President Vladimir Putin mounted an intrusion against Ukraine, two economies that have driven the way in embracing the new type of digital currency are each going to it to acquire an edge in the international standoff. The first ever war in the era of cryptocurrency likewise intends it to be used as a device that can move billions of dollars effectively across borders and is accessible to be marshaled by the two sides. 

In one of his interviews with The Washington Post, co-founder of the crypto analytics firm Elliptic, Tom Robinson mentioned that since there is an absence of a central controller who can take charge of imposing a set of rules on the user of cryptocurrency, the possibilities of using those digital currency are endless, including using it as a source of crowdfunding for Ukraine or for Russia to tackle all sorts of sanctions that the West has attempted to enforce. 

Countries on both the sides of the war have their own history and connect with cryptocurrency funds. Chainalysis had ranked Ukraine as one of the biggest European cryptocurrency and the 4th largest in the entire world. Russia, in the interim, has set up a good foundation for itself as a center for illegal cryptocurrency affairs, including ransomware assaults and digital currency based tax evasion, as indicated by Chainalysis. Cryptocurrency organizations working in Moscow City, the monetary locale of the Russian capital, stashed $700 million worth of digital currency from all sorts of resources connected to criminal records over the recent period of three years, avoiding any possible sanctions.

Cryptocurrency fund is the primary decentralized currency which can become legitimate for transactions for quite a long time, unlike other altcoins that function under a central organization led by an individual or a firm.

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Cryptocurrency enthusiasts see bitcoin as "digitalized gold," a helpful spot to stock up your investments during a war or fiasco. Digital currency, as the contention goes, has a restricted stockpile and runs on a worldwide PC network past the compass of state run administrations and is in this manner more secure than conventional monetary forms. Things are rarely that straightforward. Bitcoin's place of refuge is muddled: It frequently acts more like gamble on resources like stocks.

Multiple experts and investors express that as the after effect of the war, bitcoin's  unique features have stirred up demand, beating any other previous forms of investments. Gold is up by only 2.6% while the U.S. 10-year Treasury yield has fallen 8.7% during the conflict.

Setting the narrative straight with the outcomes of the Russia Ukraine war, Cryptocurrency is not only a speculative asset anymore, it is a rather significant digital currency to have that is independent of border bound policies, resistant of any international conflicts, and has long-term security blanket.  

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