Your investment options in 2023: What is the outlook for equities, fixed income, real estate and other asset?

In 2022, equities were volatile. Fixed income was subdued, and real estate bounced back. Let us look at the outlook for equity, fixed income, real estate, and alternative investments for 2023.

The year that went by was quite eventful. Saying 2022 was a volatile year would be an understatement. The Russia-Ukraine war, global supply chain disruptions, COVID lockdowns in China, an unprecedented spike in commodity prices, high inflation, central banks hiking interest rates… 2022 saw it all. Despite all these events, the Indian stock market held its own. Initially, the market did go down a bit in tandem with the US and other global stock markets. But, as of November 2022, the Indian stock markets have recovered most of their lost ground and are close to reaching all-time highs. In this article, we will discuss the outlook for various asset classes in 2023 and how you should frame your investment strategy for the coming year. Taking stock of your comprehensive financial planning...


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