Corona Kavach policy will now be available as a COVID-19 group insurance policy

Corona Kavach Health Insurance Policy benefits now available beyond individual and family, as it becomes available as a group insurance product

Corona Kavach policy will now be available as a COVID-19 group insurance policy

Corona Kavach health insurance policy was recently launched as a standard indemnity based health insurance policy designed to cover the COVID-19 related medical expenses. It can be availed as an individual or a family floater plan. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) had made it mandatory for all health and general insurers to offer this policy to its customers. It was originally introduced for individuals and families and carried a sum insured range of Rs 50,000 to Rs 5 lakhs. 

The authority has now allowed these insurers to offer this policy as a group insurance policy. As a result, companies and other employers can buy this policy as a health insurance policy for their employees. The IRDAI further confirmed that a special 5% discount will be offered if this group health insurance consists entirely of doctors, nurses and or healthcare workers. The word 'group' will be added to the product by insurers, and premium rate and operational specifications will be now applicable as a group insurance policy. Other conditions will remain the same as with the individual and family Corona Kavach policy. 

The premium will be decided by the insurers as per the IRDAI (Health Insurance) Regulations, 2016 and guidelines. It will be filed on the use and file basis and all relevant norms of the IRDAI will remain applicable. This includes norms under Chapter IV of Guidelines on product filing in the health insurance business.

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Who is eligible for the Corona Kavach policy?

Indian, non-resident Indian, a person residing in India and overseas citizen of India are covered under this policy. The insured must be between the age of 18 and 65. For this policy, a child between the age of 1 day and 25 years is covered. This policy can be purchased for self, spouse, children, parents and in-laws. Check the product brochure for details on eligibility.

Who should buy the Corona Kavach policy?

After IRDAI declaration, this policy can now be purchased by companies and organisations for their employees. Given the rampant nature of the pandemic, this plan is ideal for people who don’t have any active health cover. It is good as a short-term measure while the person or family decides on a more comprehensive plan. Due to the low cost, Corona Kavach will provide affordable health cover even to the low-income group.

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What are the benefits of the Corona Kavach policy?

Its benefits include all hospitalisation expenses such as bed charges, nursing, blood tests, PPE kits, ICU, oxygen, doctor consultation etc. Pre-hospitalisation cover of up to 15 days and post-hospitalisation can cover for 30 days after discharge. Home care expenses like health monitoring and medicines are provided for 14 days. AYUSH treatment and road ambulance cover are also included in the policy. 

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What are the exclusions of Corona Kavach Policy?

Diagnostics and evaluation expenses are not covered under this policy. Rehabilitation expenses related to bed rest and custodial home care is not covered, as are dietary supplements. Likewise, daycare treatments are not covered. Unproven treatments that are not recognised by the government are excluded. Expenses incurred due to the effects of a biological war is also not covered under this policy. Check with your insurer for the details as the interpretation on the coverage and exclusions may be different across insurers. Know everything about insurance cover for COVID-19 in India.


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