No Address Proof, No Problem for Address Change in Aadhaar

Know more about how to change address details in Aadhaar in the absence of documentary proof of address

No Address Proof, No Problem for Address Change in Aadhaar

Now you can update your address details in Aadhaar even if you don’t have any address proof documentation. The Unique Identification Authority of India declared that the current address can be updated in Aadhaar even without documentary proof of address in the person's own name. In order to do so, the Aadhaar holder has to seek the help of an address verifier and send an online request for an Address Validation Letter.

This option can be helpful for people who have recently relocated to a new address and want to update their new address in the UIDAI records.

An address verifier can be a member of the family, friend, relative, or landlord etc. who is willing to let you use their address as proof. Both the resident and the address verifier must have registered mobile numbers which will receive one-time passwords.

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The Process

Step 1: In the UIDAI website, go to “My Aadhaar”.

Step 2: Click on “Request for Address Validation Letter”.

Step 3: It will redirect you to the “Request for Address Validation Letter” page. You will have to fill the 12-digit Aadhaar number or 16-digit Virtual ID, the captcha details and click on the “Send OTP” button.

Step 4: Enter the 6-digit/8-digit OTP sent to your registered mobile number and then “Login”. 

Step 5: Next, you will have to fill the “Verifier Details”.

Step 6: After entering the “Address Verifier Aadhaar number” the Verifier will receive an SMS with a link on his/her registered mobile number.

The verifier has to give consent for the update, after which the Verifier will receive a second SMS with OTP for verification.

Step 7: After verification, you will receive a Service Request Number (SRN) via SMS. After that, you have to log in using the SRN and then preview the address, edit the local language (if required) and click on “Submit”. 

An “Address Validation Letter” with a “Secret Code” is sent to the verifier's address via post. You will also receive a letter.

Step 8: Now in the UIDAI SSUP website, you have to click on “Proceed to Update Address”, log in with Aadhaar and select the option to “Update Address via Secret Code”. Here you enter the “Secret Code” and click on “Submit”. 

What is the significance of the Address Validation Letter?

Address Validation Letter is the letter which is sent to the Address Verifier’s address. This letter is sent to the address verifier after he/she consents to the use of his/her address by the requesting resident. The letter contains a secret code that is sent for validation of the verifier. 

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How to track this request?

One can use the SRN (Service Request Number) to track the status of the address validation request. The tracking can be done through this link.

By when is the Aadhaar Validation Letter received?

After raising the request, an SRN is generated. The Aadhaar Validation Letter is received within thirty days from the date of the request. The applicant will be getting the India Post AWB number through SMS which can be used to track the Aadhaar Validation Letter, by visiting the India Post website. Take this quiz and if you can score 8/10 on these questions, you're an Aadhaar Card pro.


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