PM Modi launches Transparent Taxation platform: what you need to know

Faceless assessment, faceless appeal and taxpayers’ charter are the key features of the platform

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In a bid to benefit honest taxpayers, ease compliance and fast-track tax refunds, PM Narendra Modi has launched a platform called 'Transparent Taxation – Honouring the Honest’. 

There are three key features of the platform – faceless assessment, faceless appeal and taxpayers’ charter.

What will the new taxation platform do?

The aim of this move is to make the tax system user-friendly and favour taxpayers. The Transparent Taxation platform will simplify the lives of honest taxpayers, decrease complexity and increase transparency. The PM said the platform will enable “banking the unbanked, securing the unsecured, funding the unfunded and honouring the honest.”

This is another step towards digital India. The platform will use advanced technologies such as data analytics and AI to enforce policy-driven governance, reduce corruption and bring efficiency in bureaucracy.

He further said that honest taxpayers play an important role in nation-building and the platform will make the tax system seamless, painless and faceless.

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What are the features of transparent taxation platform?

The platform will bring in reforms such as faceless assessment, faceless appeal and taxpayers’ charter. 

In the past, there have been cases of taxpayers being harassed by officers and widespread corruption. By making income tax assessment faceless, the overreach of officers will be eliminated and taxpayers will be safeguarded. With the faceless appeal, taxpayers can also put forth their case if they feel they have been aggrieved by the actions of a tax officer. The taxpayers’ charter will outline the rights and responsibilities of taxpayers and tax officers to protect the interest of both parties.

Faceless assessment and taxpayers’ charter will come into force from August 13, 2020, whereas faceless appeal reform will be available from September 25, 2020.

PM Modi said the platform will bring in maximum governance and minimum government.

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Closing words

FM Nirmala Sitharaman called August 13 “a landmark day in the history of tax administration.”

Emphasising on the importance of honest taxpayers, PM Modi said, “When the life of an honest taxpayer of the country becomes easy, he moves forward and develops, then the country also develops and leaps forward.” Here's how you can file your income tax returns online.

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