Refrain from using PVC or plastic Aadhaar card: UIDAI

“The Aadhaar card or the downloaded Aadhaar card printed on ordinary paper or mAadhaar is perfectly valid for all kind of uses”, said Ajay Bhushan Pandey, CEO, UIDAI

Refrain from using PVC or plastic Aadhaar card UIDAI

What’s the news?

On February 6, 2018, the Unique Identification Authority of India or UIDAI stated that Aadhaar cards made from PVC or plastic or those that are laminated are not useable. It is because the QR code will turn out to be dysfunctional when printed at unauthorised shops or vendors.

Moreover, there are chances that your personal Aadhaar details will be shared for unscrupulous acts without any informed consent.   

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The CEO of UIDAI, Ajay Bhushan says…

The letter on which the Aadhaar is issued, the portion, which is cut away, the downloadable version or the mobile version (mAadhaar) are all perfectly authentic means of identification. The concept of a plastic Aadhaar Card does not exist! Citizens should not fall into the trap of the supposed smart card as they might become the victim of some devious elements. To print these cards, unauthorised parties charge anywhere from Rs. 50 to Rs. 300.

Additionally, Ajay Bhushan also said that the plastic/PVC card form is a waste because the Aadhaar Card can be printed on regular everyday paper which serves the necessary purpose.

How to download and print your Aadhaar Card?

Printing the Aadhaar Card on ordinary paper is extremely beneficial. If a person misplaces the card, it can simply be downloaded for free from the website.

An added benefit: Even a black and white print meets the requirement. The black and white form on any ordinary paper is as good as the original Aadhaar letter which is sent by the UIDAI.     

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Do not share it with unauthorised agencies

In order to protect the privacy of individuals, it is recommended that personal details or Aadhaar number should not be shared with unauthorised agencies especially for reasons like getting it printed or laminated.

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Indian Penal Code and Aadhaar Act, 2016

Unauthorised agencies have been alerted by the UIDAI not to collect information pertaining to Aadhaar from the general public for the purpose of printing. Acts like - the unauthorised printing of the Aadhaar card or the collection of information or aiding such people equals to violating the Indian Penal Code and Aadhaar Act, 2016. This is a criminal offence which can lead to imprisonment. 

To summarise

Today, living in a technology-driven world, a majority of the population will agree with this rule. At any given point they can have the downloadable version of the Aadhaar saved on their mobile phone. Moreover, being able to print it in the black and white form also makes it easy for the ones who are not tech savvy. So all in all, it’s a good option for consumers.    


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