SBI now provides pension slips for senior citizens, balance enquiry, and mini statement on WhatsApp

Senior citizen SBI customers can receive their pension slips on WhatsApp.

Senior Citizen Pension Slips

State Bank of India customers have something to cheer for as going to their branch and waiting in queues for minor work can soon become a thing of the past. State Bank of India has recently introduced a WhatsApp banking service for customers. If you are a senior citizen banking with SBI, you will be able to receive your pension slip on your WhatsApp number. State Bank of India is the largest lender in India and has initiated a customer-friendly service. 


The bank sends you a message containing three options: 

  1. Pension Slip
  2. Mini Statement (Last 5 Transactions)
  3. Balance Enquiry

You can click either of these, and you're on your way. Click on "Pension Slip" and mention the month, and you will see a message saying, "fetching your details."

The State Bank of India also added that its customers need not visit an ATM or the YONO app for their mini statement and can easily access the information on WhatsApp. You must register your number with SBI on WhatsApp to avail of this facility. You need to give consent through SMS as well. 

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How to Register a Nominee through Internet Banking?

  1. Sign in to SBI online and tap "Request and Enquiries."
  2. Click "Online Nomination" and choose your account number.
  3. Fill in the nominee's information and hit submit. 

How to Register a Nominee through YONO SBI?

  1. Sign in to SBI online and tap "Services and Requests." 
  2. Press "Account Nominee" and select your account number.
  3. Fill in the nominee's details and hit submit. 


Send "Hi" on WhatsApp to +91 9022690226 and follow the instructions. Senior citizens just have to send "Hi" on the given number and can easily receive their pension slips from the convenience of their homes hassle-free. SBI tweeted announcing the new feature on Thursday last week. 


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