10 million sign-ups in just 7 hours! Is Zuckerberg's Threads the new Twitter killer?

Threads, Meta's latest platform, achieves 10 million sign-ups in just 7 hours. Can it outshine Elon Musk's Twitter?

Threads the new Twitter killer
  • Threads amasses 10 million sign-ups in record-breaking time.
  • Meta CEO envisions Threads as a friendly public space.
  • Instagram's user base gives Threads a competitive advantage.
  • Zuckerberg aims for a billion-plus user community on Threads

In a remarkable feat, Threads, the latest platform launched by Meta, garnered a staggering 10 million sign-ups within a mere seven hours of its debut. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, took to social media to share the momentous achievement, highlighting the rapid growth of the platform. The initial two hours alone saw an impressive 2 million sign-ups, which surged to 5 million within the first four hours. The momentum persisted, culminating in a monumental milestone of 7 million sign-ups.

Opinions regarding the potential of Threads to outperform Twitter are divided. Advocates argue that its association with Instagram provides a distinct advantage, leveraging its existing user base. This advantage becomes even more prominent given the efforts of Elon Musk and newly appointed Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino to rejuvenate the struggling social media giant. Conversely, skeptics believe that Twitter's news-focused approach may prove challenging for Instagram, which is primarily recognised as a visual platform, to replace.

Remarkably, Meta only needs a fraction of its current Instagram user base, a mere one-fourth, to join Threads in order to rival Twitter's extensive user community.

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When asked about the possibility of Threads surpassing Twitter's prominence, Zuckerberg expressed optimism. He stated, "It will take time, but I believe there should be a public conversation app with over one billion users. Twitter had the opportunity to achieve this but hasn't quite accomplished it. Hopefully, we will."

In an earlier statement, Zuckerberg introduced Threads as an "inclusive and genial public space for conversations," emphasising the objective of amalgamating the finest aspects of Instagram to create a fresh experience.

He further remarked, "Our vision is to fuse the best elements of Instagram and devise an innovative platform for textual content, ideas, and meaningful discussions. I believe the world needs a congenial online community, and I am grateful to all early adopters of Threads. The app is now available for download on the app store."

Addressing a user's concern about fostering kindness on Threads, the Meta CEO assured, "We are committed to promoting kindness and cultivating a friendly environment."

Interestingly, in a playful gesture, Zuckerberg took to Twitter, returning after an 11-year hiatus, to share a meme following the launch of Threads. The meme featured a scene from the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon titled "Double Identity," where a villain attempts to impersonate the iconic hero.

The bottom line

As the dust settles on Threads' phenomenal launch, industry observers eagerly anticipate whether this new contender can outshine the established Twitter, which has reigned as a leading platform for public discourse. With its rapid sign-up numbers and Meta's ambitious vision, Threads certainly holds the potential to disrupt the social media landscape, but time will tell whether it can truly surpass Musk's Twitter.

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