UIDAI Launches 24-Hour IVRS Service for Aadhaar Card Users

UIDAI has launched a new 24-hour IVRS service, providing easy access to Aadhaar-related information and services for customers across India. Residents can now avail of various services, including checking enrolment and PVC card status, SMS updates, and changing their address by calling the toll-free number 1947.

UIDAI Launches IVRS Service

The UIDAI, which is the regulatory authority for Aadhaar cards in India, has introduced a new 24-hour service based on Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology. Through the 1947 (toll-free number), customers can obtain real-time updates on their Aadhaar enrollment or updation status, PVC card status, or receive information via SMS.

This new service aims to facilitate seamless access to Aadhaar-related information and services for customers throughout India.

New Services Available

With the launch of these new IVRS services, residents can now avail of the following services by calling the toll-free number 1947:

  1. Know Aadhaar enrolment/update status
  2. Know the Aadhaar PVC card status
  3. Know the status of the complaint
  4. Locate enrolment centre
  5. Get Aadhar information through SMS
  6. Change the address of the Aadhar

The services are designed to facilitate convenient and timely access to Aadhaar-related information and services for residents throughout India. By dialling 1947, residents can receive prompt assistance with their Aadhaar-related queries and requirements.

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This toll-free service, provided by UIDAI, operates 24/7, 7 days a week. Users of Aadhaar can check their status and obtain information via SMS. Additionally, users can contact the toll-free number 1947 by phone or SMS to inquire about their Aadhaar card enrolment status. UIDAI has also announced this service via one of its tweets.

UIDAI's Priority: Resident Satisfaction

The UIDAI has stated that its top priority is to ensure resident satisfaction with Aadhaar-related services. To that end, they have introduced the new IVRS services to enable residents to access Aadhaar-related information and services more easily.

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Moreover, the UIDAI has also set up an assistance email - help@uidai.gov.in - to share any Aadhaar-related queries or complaints. Residents can write to this email address to report any issues or seek assistance with Aadhaar-related matters.

Update on Child Base

The UIDAI has issued fresh guidelines for Child Aadhaar, the Aadhaar card for children. As per the new guidelines, it is mandatory to update the biometric information of children between the ages of five and fifteen.

The UIDAI has tweeted that this process is free of charge, and residents can update the biometric details of their children by following the prescribed procedure.

Wrapping Up

The introduction of new IVRS services by the UIDAI is a welcome move to improve residents' access to Aadhaar-related information and services. With the new IVRS services, residents can now receive prompt assistance with their Aadhaar-related queries and needs anytime and anywhere. 

Moreover, with the UIDAI's emphasis on resident satisfaction and its recommendation to update Aadhaar cards, it is clear that UIDAI is committed to ensuring that Aadhaar remains a secure and reliable identification system for all residents of India.



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