What is DigiLocker? What are the Benefits of using DigiLocker? Is DigiLocker safe?

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that DigiLocker will support more documents and can be used for sharing and storing documents.

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DigiLocker is cloud-based and helps issue and verify certificates and documents digitally. During the Budget 2023 speech, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that DigiLocker will support more documents and can be used for sharing and storing documents. 

Here are a few essential FAQs you must know about DigiLocker. 

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Q1. What are DigiLocker Components?

What is DigiLocker? The cloud-based DigiLocker has the following components: 

A1. (a) Dashboard

The dashboard is the home screen from where you can go to other sections. It also summarizes the documents and links for DigiLocker integrated partners. 

(b) Issued Documents

It presents URIs of certificates or documents that the government department issued. 

(c) Uploaded Documents

These are the documents that you upload. You can share these documents. 

(d) Shared Documents

You can see the documents you have shared with others in this section. 

(e) Activity

It shows the activities you have done in your DigiLocker. It shows details about downloads, shares, uploads, etc. 

(f) Issuers

It shows the agencies and departments registered with DigiLocker. 

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Q2. What are DigiLocker Benefits?

A2. Here are a few DigiLocker benefits for citizens and agencies: 

DigiLocker benefits for Citizens


  • Legally par original and authentic documents.
  • Faster service
  • Consented digital document exchange

DigiLocker benefits for Agencies


  • Digital transformation
  • Reduced administrative overhead
  • Real-time verification
  • Secure document gateway

Q3. What is the difference between issued and uploaded documents?

A3. The documents that a DigiLocker user uploads are uploaded documents. On the other hand, issued documents are issued by government agencies electronically from the original data. You will find the URI of these in the "issued documents" section of DigiLocker. 

Q4. How to upload documents on DigiLocker?

A4. You must tap the "uploaded documents" section and upload documents from there. You must click the upload icon, locate the file from your drive, and open it to complete uploading. You can even assign the document type by clicking "select doc type." You can choose from a drop-down and click "save." Editing the file name is also possible by clicking the "edit" icon. 

Q5. What is the Maximum Uploading File Size?

A5. The maximum file size you can upload is 10MB. 

Q6. What are the Types of Files you Can Upload?

A6. You can upload png, jpeg, and pdfs. 

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Q7. What is digital Aadhar? Is digital Aadhar and eAadhar the same? 

A7. You can access your digital Aadhar in DigiLocker. It is the same as UIDAI-issued eAadhar. UIDAI and DigiLocker have partnered to make it automatically available to users upon linking Aadhar with DigiLocker. Digital Aadhar's benefit is that you can share it with any organization or agency electronically, eliminating the usage of printouts or photocopies. 

These are the answers to a few frequently asked questions. We hope this article helped you answer many doubts. When it comes to the question, "is DigiLocker safe?" The answer is a resounding YES! DigiLocker benefits are many, and you can eliminate physical usage in many cases. 

How to use DigiLocker? How to create a DigiLocker Account?


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