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Large-cap funds are finding it increasingly difficult to beat the benchmark: Should you go passive?

The passive funds’ AUM is expected to reach 35% of the overall mutual fund industry AUM by March 2025. The industry is innovating, and offerings include equity, ELSS, debt, and smart-beta index funds.

Author: Gopal Gidwani

Date: 3/22/2023

Actual returns may not match YTM: What factors should you consider when choosing a debt fund?

While choosing a debt scheme for investment, consider the interest rate scenario, average maturity, credit rating of portfolio securities, yield to maturity, etc.

Author: Gopal Gidwani

Date: 2/22/2023

IT and healthcare were the worst-performing sectors in 2022: Will they rebound in 2023?

In 2022, banks and FMCG did well, and IT and healthcare were the worst performers. In 2023, banks, EVs, China + 1 strategy, infrastructure, and green energy are expected to do well.

Author: Gopal Gidwani

Date: 2/17/2023

Your investment options in 2023: What is the outlook for equities, fixed income, real estate and other asset?

In 2022, equities were volatile. Fixed income was subdued, and real estate bounced back. Let us look at the outlook for equity, fixed income, real estate, and alternative investments for 2023.

Author: Gopal Gidwani

Date: 12/7/2022

Indian EV industry to touch $130 billion by 2030: Which are the best stocks to invest in the EV industry?

According to a report compiled jointly by Indospace and Colliers in 2021, over the next five years, the EV industry in India is projected to attract investments totalling $12.6 billion along the automotive supply chain. The report also highlighted the fact that automakers will receive 64% of the capital, while battery manufacturers will receive the remaining 36%

Author: Bharat Prajapati

Date: 11/30/2022

Asset allocation: Should you make US and other global equities a part of your investment portfolio?

Investing in international companies listed on the US stock markets provides diversification, investment opportunities unavailable in India, good returns, and benefits from rupee depreciation.

Author: Gopal Gidwani

Date: 11/24/2022

Do you own property, jewellery and other physical assets? Know how taxes are levied on sale of physical assets

Tax is levied on the capital gains earned on the sale of an asset and not on the entire sale proceeds. The tax is payable in the year in which the asset is sold. Tax on the sale of physical assets, like property, gold, etc., in India is levied in the year in which the asset is sold and is levied depending on whether these assets are long-term or short-term in nature.

Author: Karan Batra

Date: 11/16/2022

NLP is expected to be a catalyst for the growth of logistics stocks. How can you identify logistics stocks for investment?

India’s logistics market is expected to grow from $216 billion (FY2020) to $365 billion (FY2026). The current market share of organised players is only $7 billion (3.5%). With the introduction of NLP, there is tremendous scope for growth and expansion of market share.

Author: Gopal Gidwani

Date: 11/9/2022

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