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How to build a diversified portfolio with Nifty 50, Nifty Next 50, Midcap 150, and Smallcap 250 index funds?

In the last few years, mutual fund houses have launched index funds on various indices such as Nifty Next 50, Nifty Midcap 150, and Nifty Smallcap 250. It has helped investors invest in various index funds into large, mid, and small-cap stocks across market capitalisation.

Author: Gopal Gidwani

Date: 1/18/2022

How a passive investing strategy involving equity, debt, and gold can create long-term wealth?

Understand the passive investing options across various asset classes such as equity, debt, and gold to form your investing strategy for wealth creation.

Author: Gopal Gidwani

Date: 1/13/2022

How health insurance needs have transformed in the post-COVID era

While COVID-19 has affected the health of millions of people, there are some positive key takeaways from the pandemic. People now realise the significance of health insurance and have either bought it or upgraded their existing cover. They are also adding critical illness cover, top-up, or super top-up covers. The biggest change is that people are going all out to stay healthy.

Author: Gopal Gidwani

Date: 1/10/2022

Edelweiss Recently Listed IPO Fund: A great opportunity to participate in IPOs

Here’s an indirect way of participating in IPOs through the Edelweiss Recently Listed IPO Fund.

Author: Gopal Gidwani

Date: 1/5/2022

Should India ban or regulate cryptocurrencies?

Considering the huge investments made by Indians in crypto, it may be too late to ban them. We discuss why India should regulate cryptocurrencies.

Author: Gopal Gidwani

Date: 1/3/2022

Why are crypto markets so volatile and how do you deal with them?

Planning to invest in cryptos. Read this article to understand what makes cryptocurrency so volatile.

Author: Bharat Prajapati

Date: 12/23/2021

What are the legal implications of buying a property jointly?

In joint properties, there is undivided interest giving equal rights to all co-owners over the property. Joint property ownership can be based on joint tenancy, tenancy in entirety, or tenancy in common. We will discuss each of these in detail and which one you should consider based on your need.

Author: Gopal Gidwani

Date: 12/20/2021

Understanding the rise of women investors in crypto as an asset class

Read about how things are changing and how women's engagement in crypto is increasing rapidly; in some cases, it is faster than their investment in any other asset class.

Author: Ankit Agarwal

Date: 12/15/2021