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Can GIFT City put India in the league of global financial hubs such as Singapore and Shanghai?

The Government has bestowed GIFT city with tax incentives, appointed a single regulator, ensured best-in-class infrastructure, etc. Are these measures enough to attract global companies and investors and make India a financial hub?

5 Popular ways to transfer your immovable property

There are various methods of acquiring ownership of immovable property in India. This article features five ways to achieve this.

Husband Buys a Property in His Wife's Name: What are the Taxation Rules?

Discover if purchasing property in your wife's name truly offers tax benefits, including insights on capital gains

Maharashtra Budget 2023 reduces stamp duty for female homebuyers. Know what changed

Reduced stamp duty for female homebuyers in the Maharashtra Budget 2023

Hiring a real estate agent? 6 Questions to ask

Before you hire a real estate agent, make sure you ask these questions.

Gifted property laws in India: Who can sell and who cannot?

Get answers to questions related to gift deeds. Learn if you can sell gifted properties as a donor or a donee and what regulations govern you.

What’s the difference between property sale agreement, sale deed, and property mutation?

A detailed explanation of the differences between property sale agreement, sale deed, and property mutation.

Release deed: Its significance in real estate transactions

A release deed has significant applications in real estate transactions. The article discusses some of them, such as the transfer of property share among parties and banks issuing release deed on loan repayment completion.


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