TomorrowMakers’ home buying guide for India [PART – I]

Homes are closer to reality when dreams are pursued with informed decisions. Home buying is a complex process and does not end with a ‘to do’ list. It involves factors that are interlinked with each other. Your purchase decision needs to be steered with inputs that are crisp and relatable. The first part of this eBook will guide you through the right sequence, offering detailed information on each waypoint of your journey to step into your new home.

As melting pots of different cultures and demographics, Indian cities are built, maintained, and driven by significant migrant populations. Census data reveals that close to half of the populations of the major cities in India have moved there from other cities. Migrant millennials easily fit into their adopted cities, settling down and establishing roots in society. Homes are among their topmost aspirations, with half of all millennials planning on buying a home. However, purchase decisions in property acquisition can be complex in nature, and throw up a long list of questions. Which is the best locality? What type of property should I buy? Should I go for a constructed home or buy land and build? Which home loan is the best? There are no easy decisions for such questions or choices....


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