Retirement Planning

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Supreme Court Verdict on the EPS Pension Scheme: Check who is eligible for higher EPS pension under EPF scheme

The EPF Scheme was amended in 2014, which led to a conflict between the employees and the EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organization). In the latest judgement by Supreme Court on November 4 2022, the dispute has been put to rest.

Retirement planning for pros: National Pension Scheme

National Pension System (NPS) is a voluntary retirement plan designed to enable systematic savings during the subscriber’s working life. This aim of NPS is to provide sustainable retirement income to every citizen of India who subscribes to NPS.

10 Things you must know about the Employee Pension Scheme

What does EPS mean? What are its various rules and provisions? What are the eligibility and withdrawal criteria? Read on for answers.

Five Retirement Planning Blunders to Avoid

You may be a couple of years or decades away from your retirement, but it's imperative to plan and save for retirement, much in advance. Planning for retirement may seem an arduous task, but if done properly, will make your retirement stress-free and enjoyable!

5 Indian cities that are great for retiring in

Just like some cities are great for employment, others are ideal for retirement. Here are some of India’s best cities where you can spend your golden years.

Debt-to-asset ratio: the right balance for a comfortable retirement

Increase your solvency, free up money from debts by lowering your debt-to-asset ratio and use the saved sum to create retirement funds for a secure life.

Retirement Planning: 55% of senior citizens regret not saving enough for retirement

What are the biggest regrets among senior citizens? Survey reveals their financial concerns