Retirement Planning

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5 Indian cities that are great for retiring in

Just like some cities are great for employment, others are ideal for retirement. Here are some of India’s best cities where you can spend your golden years.

Five Retirement Planning Blunders to Avoid

You may be a couple of years or decades away from your retirement, but it's imperative to plan and save for retirement, much in advance. Planning for retirement may seem an arduous task, but if done properly, will make your retirement stress-free and enjoyable!

Five must-have investment instruments for retirement planning

Retirement seems a distant dream when you are young. However, it is important to start saving and investing early in your life, to reap the rewards in the golden years.

Is 50 too late for me to start saving for retirement?

In your 50s, when retirement planning is just around the corner, there are certain steps that you should take to start preparing for retirement

Want to retire early? Find out how much SIP investment is required to accumulate a corpus of Rs 5 crore

Indians rarely plan for retirement as a standalone objective, a study has found. Don’t be one of them.

How life insurance and pension policies are taxed on maturity

To optimise available tax benefits, we should know when exemptions kick in and when they don’t.

Best countries to retire in and why

Looking for a good country to retire abroad? Try the ‘lesser’ Americas

Steps you can take to manage your money better during retirement

Financial planning certainly changes when you retire. Here we give a systematic approach to managing your finances during your retired days.