How to get Rs 50,000 pension per month post-retirement with NPS

Generate a monthly income after your retirement will become easy with NPS s high returns and safe investment options

Here is how you can get Rs 50000 pension per month post retirement with NPS

Here's how can you get a sizable monthly return after retirement with NPS?

Every salaried person hopes to have a sizable retirement fund. However, the retirement corpus must be split across several fixed-income assets to provide a consistent cash flow. Following is how NPS is among the best investments option that will give you a handsome return every month after you retire:

The Central Government launches the National Pension Scheme (NPS) as a social welfare programme. Except for military service members, individuals from the public, private, and even unorganized sectors are eligible for this pension programme.

The initiative helps people make recurrent contributions to a pension fund while still employed. Subscribers may withdraw a specific portion of the corpus after retirement. If you have an NPS account, you will get the remaining amount as a retirement income after you retire.

Initially, only Central Government employees were covered by the NPS programme. But now, thanks to the PFRDA, it is publicly available to all Indian citizens, thanks to the PFRDA.

Individuals who work in the private sector and desire a steady income after retirement should strongly consider the NPS system as an investment option. This programme has tax advantages under Sections 80C and 80CCD and is transferable between jobs and locations.

Individuals with the NPS scheme require monthly contributions. The amount you choose will be automatically deducted from your bank account each month.

This scheme is a good investment option with an annual interest rate of 8% to 10%.

Let's say you or your spouse's age is 35 years old and would like to receive an Rs. 50,000 monthly pension when you turn in your 60s. By making monthly deposits of Rs 15,000 into the NPS plan. Until you turn 60, you must save up this cash. In this way, throughout the course of 25 years, you must invest Rs 45 lakh in this plan. When you turn 60, your maturity sum will be approximately Rs 2 crore. You will get a portion of this—roughly Rs 1 crore—in a single payment, and the rest, Rs 1 crore, will be provided as a monthly pension.

You will get a pension of about Rs 50,000 per month if the annual return rate is 6%. The remaining sum will be distributed in a lump sum to the scheme holder's nominee in the event of the policy holder's death.

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How to join the NPS scheme:

In the following ways, you can join the NPS plan.

Points of Presence Service Provider (POP-SP): Any Indian citizen between 18 - 24 years old can create an NPS account by visiting any POP-SP.

eNPS: Visit the eNPS website online, and by verifying your PAN and bank data, you can register as an NPS account holder. Here's a detailed article on How to open NPS account online.

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