New PFRDA rules announced to withdraw under the NPS partially. Check eligibility and how to apply.

A new rule says that government subscribers cannot use the online NPS portal to withdraw partially by self-declaration.


The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) runs the government-backed National Pension Plan (NPS). It offers low-cost social security to citizens. 

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2023 New Withdrawal Rule 

The new rule announced as of January 1, 2023, says that government sector subscribers cannot use the NPS online partial withdrawal facility through self-declaration. The central autonomous bodies, state governments, and the central government's NPS subscribers will experience the effect of the new withdrawal rule.

Online Partial Withdrawal Pre-Requisites

A subscriber must meet these pre-requisites under the PFRDA rules: 

The NPS account of the Subscriber must be updated with the active bank account information. The Subscriber must enable the online bank account verification option for their bank. The Subscriber must submit the request through eSign or OTP authentication. 

The Subscriber should provide their valid email address and mobile number to the CRA to obtain the OTP for OTP authentication. The mobile number registered with Aadhar must be active to get eSign OTP, and the file name on Aadhar and CRA should match. 

Partial Withdrawal Reasons

Partial withdrawal will only be allowed for these reasons: 

  1. Children's marriage 
  2. To construct/purchase a residential house
  3. To treat specified illnesses for spouses, children, and Subscriber
  4. For children's higher education
  5. To meet incidental and medical expenses for incapacitation or disability of the Subscriber. 
  6. For re-skilling or skill development activities
  7. To establish a startup or venture 
  8. Covid 19

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The subscribers of the NPS have an option to withdraw partially, allowing them to withdraw a portion of their contributions under a few restrictions mentioned above.


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