Three-bucket strategy: How to invest wisely for your retirement

Investing in one’s retirement fund calls for a proper strategy to prevent you from outliving your funds. There are various strategies for investing in one’s retirement fund, including the 4% rule, 3-bucket strategy, systematic withdrawal plan, etc. This article will discuss how to invest your retirement fund using the 3 bucket strategy.

During your working years, as a disciplined investor, you would have continued your SIPs for many years and finally built your retirement corpus. However, building a retirement fund is just one part of the job. Now that your efforts have paid off and you have been successful in your retirement financial planning, the second part is to invest the money so that it will last you all through your retirement years.  You need to invest your money in such a way that you continue to enjoy your retirement years without worrying about returns and market volatility. While there are many retirement planning strategies that people follow, this article will focus on the three-bucket strategy for investing your retirement funds. What is the three-bucket retirement investing strategy? The th...


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